Products 11/16/2021

New Product Information : Ultimate Fret Crown Optimizer

For those aiming at more accurate crown shape, UFO would be the first choice to take.

Ultimate Fret crown Optimizer, UFO, can help you restore the crown as close as the original shape in minimal strokes.
Conventional ”stick” type crown file seemingly contacts frets lengthwise, but, due to the fact most fingerboards are with curve, it touches the fret at one point, without even knowing where you are sanding at. This UFO, a palm size disk, with the point of effort and load aligned, can transmits power straight right at the spot, at least you know where you want to sand visually.
You may have been dressing fret summits with straight file, somehow trusting your instinct and experience. With precise view, that might have left corners unrounded or ruined the arc. UFO can tell you are making the crown in 3 aspects at the same time: height, width, & the curve. Filing an object with convex surface with a concave tool does make sense.
As we have been supplying you with popular crown files, simple crowning remains as a quick and temporary process in fret work. For those seeking preciseness and advancement, UFO can be of your great help.

To widen the field of work, having both UFO 1 & UFO 2 would be highly recommended so that you could handle broad range of frets.

For your information,

HOSCO Nickel Silver Fretwire

Small Fretwire

Item# UFO Size R Size
HF-S1 UFO 1R1.1
HF-S2 UFO 1R1.2
HF-S3 UFO 1R1.1

Medium Fretwire

Item# UFO Size R Size
HF-M1 UFO 1R1.3
HF-M2 UFO 1R1.3
HF-M3 UFO 2R1.5

Jumbo Fretwire

Item# UFO Size R Size
HF-J1 UFO 2R1.8

Ultimate Fret Crown Optimizer

Disk Design
Palm size, easy to hold, control and see the filing point.
Wide coverage with R1.1 –R1.8
8 radiuses cover most of frets in the market.
A great aid to remake the crown as close as the original’s.
Concave file with #600 grit diamond
For fast and easy crowning.