• JM-58N JM type Pickup

BRAND: Retro Tone Pickups

JM type Pickup

Position : Bridge
DC Resist. : 9.3K
Note : South Up
Polepiece spacing : 51.0mm (10.2mm x 5)

Unbeveled staggered polepieces (Alnico V magnet).
AWG42 heavy formvar wire.
Pickup covers are not included.

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Rich magnetic lines happen from the edges of the unbeveled magnets and receive a string vibration well so that your guitar sound will bite. The traditional Formvar wire that was used in 50s makes rich harmonics. By winding it at proper turns, a pickup delivers a thick deep sound and cuts a harsh high tone. Good quality wax-potted.

Retro Tone Pickups
Retro Tone Pickups is a workshop who has produced pickups for more than 10 years. Especially, their Jazzmaster® type pickups are famous in Japan and theirs are the first choice for many Jazz master® players in Japan.