Vintage style T-O-M Bridges with 12" radius by GOTOH

Based on GE104B
Finish : Aged Nickel
String Radius : 300mm (Approx. 12″)
Material : Zinc (Bridge) / Saddle (Brass)
Post Spacing : 74mm



300mm (Approx. 12") radius​

The 12″ radius is used on most of LP type electric guitars.
You can match the radius on both of fingerboard and bridge.

Vintage look​

The narrow shape looks good on vintage guitars.
The saddle radius of the regular GE103B bridge is 12″, but the GE103B bridge has a wide shape.
Our special GE104B bridge has both of 12″ radius and vintage look.

Brass saddles​

Generally speaking, many people like brass saddles more than zinc ones because of the longer sustain and warm sound.

Unnotched saddles​

There are no notches on the saddles. You can adjust the string spacings as you like.