Products 03/16/2022

New Product Information : PUSH-PUSH Potentiometers

We’ve been selling Push-Pull pots for years, and finally we’ve added Push-Push pots.

Now we’ll show you Push-Push’s lesser-known advantages.


You can switch the wiring by just pushing instead of pinching a knob to prevent an error like volume-tone selection.
No need to pinch a knob on switching, so you can even use hard-to-grip knobs like bell, hat or sombrero.
You can switch the wiring while holding a pick.

“When pushed down, the Selector interacts with the bottom 4 lugs (B-C-E-F).”

B connects to C

E connects to F

“When pushed (again) to pop up, so it does with the top 4 lugs (A-B-D-E).”

B connects to A

E connects to D.

As you can see, B and E stay connected.

As four variations (250K A type, 250K B type, 500K A type and 500K B type) are available, you can connect and wire any pickups.

A type : Audio taper

B type : Linear taper


Do remove knobs while the shaft is “UP”.

Removing knobs while it’s “DOWN” might cause a damage.

PUSH-PUSH Potentiometers

PUSH-PULL Potentiometers