Products 03/25/2022

Product Information : TL-FC190

We have developed this fret cutter at a factory of almost 100 years in business to make cutting pliers in Japanese traditional craftsmanship.

Our TL-FC190 Fret Cutter is made of special steel which is called High Carbon Tool Steel.

190mm total length with 29mm blade width.

The flush cutting edge is helpful to cut frets close to the fingerboard.

The TL-FC190 is not suitable for stainless steel frets.

(Recommended tool for stainless steel frets: TL-FC28S)


Flush cutting edge.

TL-FC190 can make very flat fret end, which means it helps to save time.

29mm wide blade can cut even long frets.

Fret Cutter

Our TL-FC190 Fret Cutter cuts nickel silver frets cleanly with a light touch.

That is why it has been one of our best-selling tools for years.