Products 06/30/2021

Precut Stainless steel Fretwire

Not just pre-cut to certain width, Hosco Stainless Fret sets have been designed to tapered-fit to fingerboard from low frets to higher through.
And that eventually reduces hardship in cutting tough material.

For final trimming the edges to complete, our TL-FC28S, Stainless Fret Cutter, available soon, would be highly recommended.

Stainless Steel Nickel silver
Length 43mm (Nut)/53mm (12th fret)
plus 0.5mm extra
70mm (2-3/4")(evenly)
Radius 250mm (10") 300mm (12")
#of piece/set 24 24
Hardness HV300 HV175 (HF-U:HV200)
Tang cut Yes None

Hosco Stainless Fret sets have been prepared to cut to the standard fingerboard width
(43mm at the nut/53mm at the 12th)

For fingerboard with binding, overhang of 2.5mm for both ends helps to cover the extra width, minimizing final trimming the edges.

Hosco Stainless Fret sets are supplied with 24 pcs./set in plastic bags with Hosco header


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