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HOSCO Original 3 in 1 Diamond Fret Crown File


This fret crown file has three different radiuses in one file. It can be used according to type of fret crown.
Small standard (R=1mm)
Medium standard (R=2mm)
Jumbo (R=3mm)

Difference in Electroplating process

HOSCO Original 3-in-1 Diamond Fret Crown File provides you with improved performance in adhesion, grind efficiency and abrasion resistance by fixing high quality, uniformed diamond particle in nickel electrodeposition.

Evenly grained diamond makes the cutting edge contact more to fret, contributing to high durability with no clogging.

Before and after

High grade Diamond Grain and Nickel Electroplating process enabled 

High Grade sharpness, Hard to Clog and High durability.

Be sure to have one with HOSCO logo on
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