Products 03/15/2021

GOTOH New Products 2021 / New GOTOH Catalog 2021

New GOTOH Catalog 2021

The new GOTOH catalog 2021 is available. You can download the pdf version by clicking the button below.

GOTOH New Products 2021


New Finishes for SG510 Series

Three satin finishes have been added.
(CS = Satin Chrome / GS = Satin Gold / BS = Satin Black)
These satin finishes can be done on zinc-diecast only, so aluminum buttons could not be selected from the button options.

New Wooden Buttons for SG510 Series

Two kinds of new wooden buttons have been added into “Nature Mode” buttons that look luxury.

(RL5/RS5 = Riogrande-parisandre / TL5/TS5 = Tagayasan)
RL5 and TL5 buttons are large size for 3 per side.


New Finish for 510FX Bridge

Black Satin (BS) finish has been added to the 510FX bridge.

LP type machine heads in Luxury Mode

Finishes : N, GG, B, CK
String Post : STANDARD
Gear Ratio : 1 : 15
Weight : 25.8 g/1pc *(Bush are included.)
e.g. : SD90-LX01-GG
*Basic specification is based on SD90 series. A button option is limited to the thing of a picture.


LP type bridges in Luxury Mode

Finishes :N, GG, B, CK
Material :Aluminum
Pattern : Acanthus


New Saddle Sets

Finishes : C, GG, B, CK

Material : Steel

Suitable Model : For NS510 / 510FX

Others : 6 pcs/set


GE1996T Tremolo Bridge for 7-strings

For 7 String Guitar
Finishes : C, GG, B, CK, BS
Block Height: 33mm, 36mm, 40mm
String Spacing : 10.8mm
Saddle Material : Steel
Saddle Radius: 430mm
Suitable Arm : F3
Others : Stud Lock-PAT.

One of the best-selling Gotoh products, GE1996T tremolo bridges have the 7-string version finally. Locking nuts for 7-strings are available as well.


Locking Nut for 7-strings

Finishes : C, GG, B, CK, BS
Width : 48mm
Radius : 400mm

*Top Mount Type


Tension Bar for 7-strings

Finishes : C, GG, B, CK, BS

Others : with Screws


Saddle Shim Set for GE1996T & GE1996T-7

Material : Brass

Thickness : 0.2mm

4 pcs/set


Endpin for Strap Locker

Exclusive part for SLR or EPR-2.

Finishes : C, GG, B, CK

Others : 1 pc


Crescent Capo

Original Capotasto
Design : GOTOH Original
Weight : 55 grams
Unlike common “Spring-type” capos, it won’t require much strength, even for women with less gripping power.
With special processing onto the C-shape (Crescent type) spring, it has cleared ON-Off attachment / durability test way over 10,000 times.
The initial feature can last long enough without deterioration of the spring function.