Products 11/21/2023

Much harder files for stainless steel frets!

for stainless steel frets
Stainless steel frets, with hardness of HV260 – HV340 in general, are commonplace these days.
Now a series of new special files, plated in hard chrome, has joined into our product lineup to resist such a tough material.
They are of HV600 in hardness and are 3 – 5 times as durable as those sold in hardware stores.


Hard chrome-plated – The hardness and durability are good enough for the common stainless steel frets.

Hard Chrome-plated Files for Stainless Steel Fretwire

Fret Leveling File

for Stainless steel Fretwire

The special coating beats frets of more rigid material.

Compact Fret Crown Files

for Stainless steel Fretwire

The bigger triangles mean “coarse” on one side and the smaller triangles mean “fine” on another side.
This arrow means a direction of filing. Please keep the direction in filing.

Fret-end Dressing Files

for Stainless steel Fretwire

This fret dressing file is designed for fret end work. This pencil-like shape gives you more precise fi le job. Angled bottom is easy to fit on fingerboard with pencil-holding.
File top:concave,
single cut
File sides: single cut
File bottom: no teeth

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