String Guide Saw

Total Length: 190mm
Blade Length: 60mm
Blade Thickness: 0.2mm (0.0078”)
Blade Pitch: 0.3mm (0.012”)



The short video shows you how stably the String Guide Saw cuts on a slippery bone nut.

What is great on the String Guide Saw? ​

Should not make a wider notch than high-E string​

The thickness of blade is just 0.0078″ (0.2mm) and it is thinner than common high-E string gauge 0.009″(0.23mm).
You can use this saw to make the first notch even for the high-E string.

Tiny teeth bite well​

The saw blade will not slip on even slippery string nuts.

Dual use for both strokes​

It can be used with both of Push and Pull stroke.

Black-colored saw blade​

The “blackish” saw blade helps you to see clearly where you are cutting.

Round edge of saw blade​

The round edge prevents from scratching the headstock, fingerboard, frets, and so on.