Black Nut Files w/ Mag-holder (Electric Guitar)

Nut file size : 95 x 12mm
Mag-holder size : 105 x 20 x 10mm
For Electric Guitar,s 6pcs (.010″, .013″, .016″, .028″, .036″, .046″)



It helps your nut work easily, quickly and precisely. Aluminum holder has 3 magnets to catch the nut file firmly and curved shaped holder gives you comfortable hold.
The 3 strong magnets hold the file of every thickness straight.

Even if they are thinner files (.009″, .010″, .012″), the holder makes them strong against warping.
The side cutting of the aluminum holder makes a better visibility of filing point and the round edge of the blade won’t hit the headstock easily.

The following files with different gauge are available individually.

All these nut files are done with blackening treatment which is black oxide finish.