GOTOH GUT Co. began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan. Our parts are sold worldwide and are consistently ranked at the top of the industry by musical instrument makers. HOSCO is the distributor for international market and introduce GOTOH products at winter NAMM, Frankfurt Messe, Beijing PALM show, and Music China in Shanghai.

GOTOH GUT does not have a trading sector and they do not do business with international buyers directly.
Hosco Inc. is an official supplier of Gotoh products for international market.

New Products from GOTOH

SG510 Series

Model : SGi510
String posts : Standard, MG, Ukulele
Gear Ratio : 1 : 16
Finishes : C, GG, B, CK, XN, XC, XG
Weight : 24g/pc with S5 button
No mounting screw construction

Baby size 510 sealed gear machine head will be available soon ! This will be suitable for guitars, 12 string guitars,ukuleles and the other instruments that need small tuners. You can order the SGi510 machine heads now. For more information