SANKO fretwire is produced by Sanko Seisakusho who is a manufacturer specializing in precision variant wire and has developed new technologies to meet the needs of the present age.
Fretwire for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, and others are usually available, but a special order such as changing shapes, changing hardness, undercut for binding, and others is welcomed as well.
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Material : Nickel-silver
Hardness : HV110, HV140, HV160, HV175, HV200
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Production Process


Fretwire is made of rolled wire.


Various shapes can be made by cold rolling mills.


Bright annealing furnace is used for annealing. reduction of the oxide, and bright proccessing.


Before shipping, fretwire is inspected by hardness tester, projector, tensile test, and others.
We guarantee the qualith.

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