Products 02/16/2023

Gorgeous frets here! A New option for our precut frets.

Other than its handsome appearance, our Phosphor Bronze frets give you various benefits. Higher in wear resistence while making sound warmer than ones of nickel silver do. Its hardness, HV250-290, is harder than nickel silver and little softer than stainless steel. As you think of harder frets than nickel silver, here you have rose-gold color as another option.


Nickel free – Nickel is known as one of allergen. PB frets are gentle on the skin.

Rose gold color – The classy elegant gold color will suit acoustic guitars as well.

Warmer sound than nickel silver frets – The PB frets have been developed being particular about both color and sound. 

Better wear resistance – PB frets are difficult to rust like stainless steel.
Hardness – The hardness of the PB frets is HV250-290. Stainless > Phosphor Bronze > 18% Nickel > Brass

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