Tiny Boy story Tiny Boy brand was launched in 1997 as travel-sized acoustic guitars and this line sold very well in Japan. Time went by… New challenging started in 2016. It was to create compact but serious basses. After two years of collaboration with string supplier in Italy and R&D, Tiny Boy bass prototype was born in 2018. Total 790mm (31” ) length bass is only 2.55kg (5.6lb). It is easy to carry outside with you as travel-sized bass. And this size helps small kids to practice playing the bass. We believe once you play Tiny Boy bass, you will find fun, possibilities and future.

2021 New Model “Left-handed model”

Thank you for waiting. We have had many inquiries for left-handed model from end-users and we have just added TBP-3400NSML in the product lineup. 

Please contact your local distributor or dealer to purchase it now!