Dear valued customers,

The Music China 2017 finished.
We could introduce our new products to many customers
so the show was very successful for us.
Before and after the Shanghai show, several customers visited
our company located in Nagoya and we had good opportunities to know each other.
We hope that they enjoyed their stay in Japan.
We always welcome our customers to our office.
Please feel free to visit us if you come to Japan.


Music China 2017

Thank you very much for visiting our booth during Music China 2017.
As you know, many things have been changing so fast in China
and the show has been increasing presence in the musical instrument industry.
Over 90,000 visitors from more than 86 countries and regions came to the show
last year and Music China 2017 was crowded as well.
China has been the largest country for musical instrument production,
so there were many booths by factories, but we felt that the numbers of
exhibitors who would like to offer their products to Chinese market increased a lot.
If you have not attended Music China yet, you should leave dates open on
your schedule from now and attend the show next year.
In that case please don’t forget to drop by our booth!

Many visitors played the Big Island ukuleles that
have impressive Honu-shaped headstock.
HOSCO and GOTOH products are popular stably.

We had many inquiries for Groobars
and everyone liked it.
Nut File Set and Sanding Blocks for ukulele
will be available in 2018.
The new products for 2017 have had a good start.
Some of them will be good-selling products!

GOTOH machine heads
There is no compromise for quality at all.

Machine heads for contrabass
(Prototype from GOTOH)
One is made of carbon, another is made of brass.
NAMM Show 2018
The show will be held in Anaheim.
Our booth is 2110 (Hall E).
25th January 2018 - 28th January 2018
Anaheim, CA U.S.A.


If you attend the show, please make an appointment for a meeting with us beforehand.
Please reply to this Product News to make an appointment.
★Pre-wired pickguard
All of component parts are made in Japan and they are pre-wired to save your time!
Item# SC-PW-W3P Item# SC-PW-B3P
Specifications of pickups
Magnets: Ferrite
Polepieces: Flat
Coil wire materials: #43 urethan
Number of the coil wire turns: 7,700 turn
Coil directions: Front & Rear = CW / Center = CCW
Polarities: Front & Rear = S top / Center = N top
GOTOH Products
New Machine heads for contrabass.
We showed the prototypes of Gotoh’s new machine heads at the Music China.
Plate : Carbon
Gear : Aluminum
Gear screw : Brass
String post : Aluminum
Worm : Stainless steel
Shaft holder : Aluminum
Peg Button : Brass
Weight : 179 g (one side)
Plate : Brass
Gear : Brass
Gear screw : Brass
String post: Brass
Worm : Stainless steel
Shaft holder : Aluminum
Peg Button : Brass
Weight : 414 g (one side)
If you are interested in these contrabass machine heads, please let us know.
We will inform you about the detailed information as soon as we get it from Gotoh.

Hosco was established as a bluegrass instruments trading company in 1983.
We still sell many kinds of blugrass instruments in Japan.

Gifu Mountain Time Festival is one of bluegrass festivals in Japan
and it was held on Oct. 21st and 22nd.
We had a booth at the festival and introduced our new instruments to the participants.
The total of 86 bands performed on the stage this time
and about half of them were student's bands.
Unfortunately, a big typhoon was approaching that days,
so they had to play in a bad weather condition.
However, their powerful performances greatly livened up the event
without losing by the typhoon.
It is a pleasure for us that the young bluegrass people increase year by year.

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or