Dear valued customers,

It is real hot summer in Japan.
In our area, the average highest temperature in July was 32.8 degrees Celsius.
However, Japanese people enjoy various summer festivals such as Music,
Dance and Fireworks etc.
How about your area?

After the hot season, the Music China 2017 will come soon.
We have started to prepare for the show.
We look forward to meeting you at the show.

Thank you for your continued support!


Music China 2017 (Oct. 11th - 14th in Shanghai)
Period:Oct. 11th - 14th, 2017
Opening hours:
11 - 13.Oct. / 09:30 - 17:00
   14.Oct. / 09:30 - 15:30
Location:New International Expo Centre
Web site:Music China Official Site

We will show several new products of Gotoh products, Hosco parts, Luthier Tools
and Accessories at the booth as usual. We are waiting for your visit.
~ HOSCO Selected Parts ~
★Vintage style guitar machine heads with "staggered posts" by .
The following machine heads are produced by GOTOH,
but GOTOH does not produce them on a regular basis actually.
When you purchase these machine heads, you will have to do a big quantity usually. However, if you purchase them from Hosco, you will not need to care the MOQ.
Staggered posts tuners based on SD91-05M by Gotoh
6 in line for right handed only.
Gear ratio 1:15
Item# 21333NS-STG1
Nickel, w/bushings & screws
Item# 21333GS-STG1
Gold, w/bushings & screws
★Vintage style bass machine heads by .
Item# 3196NS
Nickel reverse wind,
w/riveted cloverleaf keys, w/torque adjustment,
w/bushings & screws
4 in line for right handed only.
Gear ratio 1:28
GB9 by Gotoh
Item# 3096NS
Nickel reverse wind,
w/riveted plate & riveted cloverleaf keys,
w/bushings & screws
4 in line for right handed only.
Gear ratio 1:26
GB8 by Gotoh
★Relic Parts for LP Guitars
Our product line for relic parts has been increasing.
This time we introduce the parts for LP type.
Please click the red parts on the picture below so that you can see enlarged photos
on another tab.
★New items for LP type guitars
~ HOSCO Luthier Tools ~
★Fret Setter
You have to reset loose fret ends after restring and unstring the instrument.
But there is no need to do such things!
If you use TL-FS10, you can work easily and quickly.
This is one of the most useful tool for repairing.
Item# TL-FS10

Total Length: 100 mm
Diameter: 7.0 mm
Material: Brass
Suitable for small, medium and jumbo fretwires
Tip shape Fit end of TL-FS10 over the crown of a fret
★Diamond Honing Tools
You might already know, but our TL-IDH is used for honing blades,filing bones and so on.
Do you know that you can also use it for "Leveling Frets"?

You can level frets quickly and exactly!
By all means, please try that.
Leveling Frets Filing bone
Comment of HOSCO worker:
As I can level frets evenly in short time,that is very convenient.
We usually check the guitars before shipping them,
then we sometimes need to level frets, so this usage is useful and recommended.
I hope that TL-IDH will help with repairing the guitars.
Item# TL-IDH-1 (#150 Grit)
Item# TL-IDH-2 (#300 Grit)
Item# TL-IDH-3 (#800 Grit)

Net weight: 850g
Length: 205mm
Wide: 70mm
Thickness: 8.5mm
We are going to have a summer break from August 11th to 16th.
Regarding your e-mails that are sent during the summer break,
we will reply to the e-mails on or after August 17th.
Sorry for causing you inconvenience.

The Ukulele Picnic 2017 was held in Yokohama-city from 29th to 30th of July.
It was one of the biggest ukulele events in the world.
We have our own booth at this event every year.
This year, our friends came from Taiwan and played new models
of the Big Island ukuleles at our booth.
When they started to play, many visitors gathered to our booth
and gave them many cheers.

G.J.Lee (Taiwan)
He is a very famous ukulele player in Taiwan.
He plays music of various genres
such as classical, folk, animation,
movie music, east-west pop music.

Ray Ray (Taiwan)
2015 China Ukulele Contest
(champion, age group under 14) Shanghai
Mozart ukulele contest
(champion, grade 2 elementary school) Taiwan
How old do you think he is?
He is only 10 years old.
From Taiwan

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
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