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In Japan the rainy season will end soon and a hot summer is coming.
Please note that we are going to have consecutive holidays at the middle of August,
which is one of the annual holidays that many other Japanese companies also have.
The lead time will be longer than usual, so we recommend
that you place a new order as soon as possible for quicker delivery.
After summer, Music China will be held in October and
the Christmas sales will start after that.
You could expect some more new products in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support.


~ HOSCO Parts ~
★Light Ash Bodies for Electric Guitar and Bass
The Light Ash will be added to our product lineup soon.
You can see what the Light Ash bodies look like from some photos below.
Average weight for sample guitar bodies : Approx. 1.8 kg
Average weight for sample bass bodies : Approx. 2.3 kg
(According to the manufacturer’s information: 2.0 – 2.5 kg)
< Body NC routed (No sanding) >
Item# TBD-13ST
For ST, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# TBD-13TC
For TC, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# TVD-13TC
For TC 62s Model, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# TBD-15PB
For PB, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# TBD-15JB
For JB, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# TJM-17L
For JM, Light Ash 1 pc
Also, NC routed and Sanded Models are available.
< Body Blank >
Item# SG1LA Blank For ST, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# TG1LA Blank For TC, Light Ash 1 pc
Item# BG1LA Blank For Bass, Light Ash 1 pc
Please feel free to contact us for the prices and further information.
★Mini Stainless Square
Here is the tool which a professional luthier must have. Useful for hand-making guitars.
You can measure an angle of 90 degrees exactly.
This is a small tool, but a pretty convenient one.
You can use it variously like the following examples.

Item# TL-RU-SQ75
Pole: Stainless Steel (75x13x1.5mm)
Base: Brass (48x15x6.0mm)
Net Weight: 45g
Checking flatness
for installing machine heads.
Checking precision of center block.

Checking an angle for binding. Marking for side position.
★Girls Collection for Electric guitar parts.
According to a marketing research in the North America by one major US manufacturer, women seems to be 50% of people who purchase the guitars.
It is the same in Japan. Many women start playing the guitar influenced by comic books and we often see them carrying the guitar in the city.
Thus we are going to arrange some cute parts for the female guitarists.
Why don’t you offer these parts to the female guitarists in your country?

These cute knobs will be available soon.

Introduction of the file factory.

In this time, we introduce you some parts of the production processes of files.
Files are one of the most popular tools in HOSCO’s product lineup.
We have been developing as original files for musical instruments by a collaboration
with this excellent file factory with almost 90-years history.
The files are finished through processes as molding, polishing, dressing, quenching, etc..
Here are some photos for the processes for your reference.

Dressing on the molded steel plate

Before quenching, files are painted some of
traditional Japanese food “Miso (Fermented soybean paste)”.
Roaster for quenching Dipped a handle part and finished
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
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