Dear valued customers,

The Musikmesse 2017 finished successfully.
We could introduce our new products effectively to visitors at the show.
And, we got a lot of good reactions and opinions for our products.
We are going to use them to our future product development.
This month, we are going to exhibit at the Beijing show.
Please check the show information below.
We look forward to meeting you at the show.
Thank you so much.


Musikmesse 2017
Apr. 5 - Apr. 8, 2017

Thank you very much for coming to our booth at the Musikmesse!
Our new products attracted visitors’ attention so much.
Especially, new series of relic parts, new tools like diamond sheets and plates,
and Big Island electric uku basses.
These new products will become popular this year.
Also, Gotoh has started a custom shop for OEM production.
They could build virtually anything that you dream of.
Whole view of our booth

New series of relic parts close to genuine vintage appearance
New tools. Carving knife and Groobars
(Tool for making nut slots) were also displayed.
Everyone who played the uku bass liked it very much.

The other Big Island ukuleles were checked by many visitors. Gotoh carbon parts. OEM production is always welcomed.
The Palm EXPO 2017 (in Beijing)
Period:May 26 Fri. - 29 Mon. 2017
Place:China International Exhibition Centre
Booth:Hall2 E13-14

We will have a booth at the Palm EXPO 2017 in Beijing China.
We are going to show new models of the Big Island Ukuleles.
Of course we will show our Parts and Tools as usual.
We introduced you more authentic relic parts as reference Products on our Product News last month.
They are now available named "Master Relic Collection".
They are finished look like real vintage parts.
MRC-STNK11 : ST-style, Maple One-Piece Neck
Tinting of exposed areas of necks, worn on neck back.

MRC-ST57W1 : ST-style, Vintage White 1ply Pickguard
Yellowed surface worn and buffed to aged look, with dirt buildup on screw holes, worn marks on under string areas with slightly rounded edges

MRC-ST63MI3 : ST-style, Mint Ivory 3ply Pickguard
Worn truss rod scope, superficial crack lines, discolored surface buffed to aged look with dirt buildup on screw holes, worn marks on under string areas with slightly rounded edges
MRC-STKN50W-SET : ST-style, 50s, White Control Knob set of 3 (Vol. x1 / Tone x 2)
Round edges with buffed surface on knobs with dirt buildup on the sides and darkish brown fonts

MRC-STKN60W-SET : ST-style, 60s, White(Parchment) Control Knob set of 3 (Vol. x1 / Tone x 2)
Dirt buildup on the sides of knobs, fine wear lines on surface and oxidized green fonts

MRC-STAWW-SET : ST-style, White Arm Knob / Switch Knob set of 2 (1 each)
MRC-STPC50W-SET : ST-style, 50s, White Pickup Cover for Single coil set of 3
Round edges with buffed surface and dirt trapped in gaps on the side and screw mounting areas

MRC-STPC60W-SET : ST-style, 60s, White(Parchment) Pickup Cover for Single coil set of 3
Worn surface with fine wear lines and dirt trapped in gaps on the side and screw mounting areas

MRC-STBD11/2T : ST-style, 2-Tone Sunburst Body
*Reference Products(Please give us any inquiries)
Please click the photos to see enlarged ones.
★Mini Self-adhesive Diamond Sheets
Size: 50 x 100mm
The Mini Self-adhesive Diamond Sheets are now available in 4 different grits.
The small size is good for ukulele or mandolin fret leveling work with sanding block.
Or any purpose for sanding or sharping tools. It is very flexible and easy to cut to any sizes.
Item# IDS-150  #150 Grit
Item# IDS-300  #300 Grit
Item# IDS-600  #600 Grit
Item# IDS-1200 #1200 Grit
IDS-1200 / Enlarged surface of #1200 / IDS-150/300/600
★Dual Grit Mini Diamond Plates
Size: 30 x 100mm (Thickness : 1mm)
Compact and reasonable diamond honing tools.
Two combination of the grits are available.
Good to sharpen the knives or scissors.
Item# IDP-156 #150/#600 Grit
Item# IDP-410 #400/#1000 Grit
IDP-156 / IDP-410 / For fret end sanding
Our office will be closed from May 3rd to 7th due to the national holidays.
We will reply to your e-mails on or after May 8th.
Sorry for causing you inconvenience.

One of Japanese domestic exhibition "Sound Messe in Osaka 2017" was held from 14th to 16th April.
This exhibition was the largest show specialized in Guitars and Ukuleles in Japan.
HOSCO had a booth with many acoustic instruments (We are importing and selling instruments to Japanese domestic market.) and held mini concert
of Bluegrass music at the booth.
Our Ukulele Basses of the Big Island ukulele were very popular at this show.

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
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