Dear valued customers,

The NAMM show 2017 finished very successfully.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth during the show.
We could meet many customers and introduce our new products there.
Especially, Big Island electric bass ukuleles and GOTOH carbon parts were very popular.
We were convinced these items will be accepted in the market.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry of our new products.


The NAMM show 2017
Various kinds of Big Island ukuleles were displayed
and many visitors were eager to purchase the samples.
GOTOH Carbon Parts!
One of the most popular samples at the booth!
GOTOH Relic Parts.
Getting popular more and more.
HOSCO Relic Parts.
Some of new relic parts were added.
Trying to expand the A.A.A. cases all over the world!
“Good balance of Light-weight and Heavy-duty”

HOSCO New Knives, Original Buttons, and Bamboo fingerboard.
The Bamboo fingerboard might be able to substitute for rosewood.
~ HOSCO New Products ~
★Relic Parts
New products of our Relic series available now.
HOSCO Relic parts become the useful lineup.
Knobs, Mounting Rings, Pickup Covers, Pickguards and Plates.
You can check current line ups on this PDF file.
Mounting Ring, Flat, Neck, Relic Light Ivory, Front
Mounting Ring, Flat, Bridge, Relic Light Ivory, Rear
Item# SKB-110I/R
Speed Knob, Relic Black, Inch Tint Series
Item# SKG-110I/R
Speed Knob, Relic Gold, Inch Relic Series
Item# SKB-160I/R
Hat Knob, Relic Black, Inch Tint Series
Item# SKG-160I/R
Hat Knob, Relic Gold, Inch Relic Series
Item# BU-KAN92
Bushing for Machine Heads, 9.2mm dia., Aged Nickel

Usually, the 8.8mm dia bushings come
with the GOTOH Kluson(R) type Relic machine heads.
Now, you can get the 9.2mm dia bushings as Bulk.
Also, Nickel and Gold finishes are available except Aged Nickel.

★Upgraded Cirkit Kits with CTS Pots
Upgraded Circuit Kits for Electric guitars with CTS pots and cotton shielded wires.

CTS-500L A pots x4
YM-T20 Toggle SW with Switch Plate
OJ-65 Jack
Capacitor 0.022mf and Cotton shielded wires
(Available Ivory version too)

CTS-250S A pots x3
VLX53 5 way
Lever SW with 2 knobs (Blk/Wht)
OJ-65 Jack
Cotton shielded wires

CTS-SS 1Mg A Pots x1
CTS-250SS A pots x1
VLX54 3way Lever SW with knob
OJ-65 Jack
Capacitor 0.047mf x1, 0.001mf x1
Cotton shielded wires

CTS-250S A pots x3
OJ-65 Jack
Capacitor 0.047mf x1
Cotton shielded wires


CTS-250S A pots x2
OJ-65 Jack
Capacitor 0.014mf x1
Cotton shielded wires
~ GOTOH New Products ~
★Lollipop Head Bass Machine Heads
New GOTOH Bass machine head FB30-LP is now available!
It is based on the FB30 machine head with Friction Free Ring
and has a classical Lollipop keys.
Item# FB30-LP
Gotoh Machine Head,
-Lollipop Peg-, w/Friction Free Ring

~ GOTOH Reference Products ~
★Carbon Parts by Water-Jet machining
Tremolo Unit Bass Machine Head
Mandolin Machine Head Guitar Machine Head
7 strings Guitar Bridge Bass Bridge
These carbon parts were processed by Water-Jet machining.
The Water-Jet machining will help you to make your original custom parts at lower costs.
Any inquiries for OEM production are welcomed.
~ Our current Catalogs ~
You can download our catalogs for Hosco parts, Luthier Tools and Gotoh products
from our website. Here is the link.


We also issued color printed paper catalogs of our products.
If you need the printed ones, we can send them by air mail.
Please feel free to let us know.

The new CITES regulation applies the rosewood materials.
For future, such regulation seems to expand for the other wood materials
for the global environment protection.
We would have to substitute the other material for the rare wood materials.
HOSCO is testing a Laminated Bamboo Material for the fingerboard now.
The Laminated Bamboo Material has the toughness, repulsion, low elasticity
and flexibility which are required condition as the fingerboard material.
We will push forward this project.

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or