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Music China 2018

  • Period: Oct. 10th - 13th, 2018
  • Place: Shanghai New International Expo Center
  • Booth: W2-F25
  • Web site: music china Official Site

2018 International Show Report

The Musikmesse 2018

Jan. 25-28, 2018

Thank you very much for visiting our booth at the Musikmesse 2018.
According to the final report from Messe Frankfurt, the numbers of exhibitors were 1,803 from 56 countries or regions (Last year: 1,794 from 55 countries or regions),
and the numbers of visitors were approx.. 90,000 from 152 countries or regions.
(Last year: 92,022 from 144 countries or regions)
Please note that these numbers are not for Musikmesse only and include the numbers of Prolight + Sound as well.
You will see what our booth was like from the following photos.


Whole view of Hosco booth at Musikmesse 2018


It was great to meet you there.

Step Gauges (PAT.PEND.)

The most useful tool for set-up ever. It’s definitely must-have!

Relic series from Gotoh® and
Master Relic Collection from Hosco

Look like genuine vintage parts!

GOTOH® SGi510 baby tuners.

Compact size between SGS510 and Stealth keys. The prototypes of double bass tuners were displayed, too.

GOTOH® tuners with “Ergonomic” wooden buttons.

Once you touch the buttons, you could not use the other buttons.

Big Island ukuleles.

Beautiful sound attracted visitors’ attention.

Guardian Bass.

The special aluminum frames inside of the neck and body make an incredible sound.
For those who are interested in having the best bass.

TinyBoy Short scale bass (Prototype).

Everyone was surprised at a genuine thick bass sound from the mini bass!

The NAMM Show 2018

Jan. 25-28, 2018

Thank you very much for visiting our booth at the NAMM 2018. It was great to see you again there. The NAMM 2018 had many changes like adding a new industry which is called ACC North for live sound and moving many booths to new locations. There were many visitors and we had much good responses on our products, so we could say that the show was successful. We will show you some of our new products that we had good reputation during the show.

Step Gauge (Patent Pending)

We had much more great reputation than we expected. The first batch will become available within this month. For the detailed information of the Step Gauge, please refer to the link below.
Step Gauge Page

Retro Tone Pickups

The Jazzmaster Pickup is already well-known in Japan, but a new brand in the other countries. Try it now!

Ergonomic buttons installed on Gotoh tuners

The unique shape to fit any kinds of guitar headstocks. Sophisticated form, and rounded edges provided very smooth feeling to my fingers Ebony and Pau Ferro are available at the moment. Exclusively supplied by Hosco

Baby510 was born!

It is called SGi510 and it is small and light. It could be used to ukuleles, 12-string guitars, and so on.

Master Relic Collection / GOTOH Relic Series

Everyone likes the quality of the relic parts very much and many visitors wanted to buy them. Gotoh added the relic bass parts into their product lineup.

Carbon-O-Lite Series

Super Light! These carbon parts will become available in around April.

2017 International Show Report

Music China 2017

Oct. 11-14, 2017

Thank you very much for visting our booth during Music China 2017.
As you know, many things have been changing so fast in China and
the show has been increasing presence in the musical instrument indusrty.
If you have not attended Music China yet, you should leave dates open on your schedule
from now and attend the show next year.
In that case please don’t forget to drop by our booth!

Here are some photos of our booth at Music China 2017.

Many visitors played the Big Island ukuleles that have impressive Honu-shaped headstock. HOSCO and GOTOH products
are popular stably.
We had many inquiries for Groobars and everyone liked it.
Nut File Set and Sanding Blocks for ukulele will be available in 2018.
The new products for 2017 have had
a good start.
Some of them will be good-selling products!
GOTOH machine heads
There is no compromise for quality at all.
Machine heads for contrabass
(Prototype from GOTOH)
One is made of carbon, another is
made of brass.

The Palm EXPO 2017

May 26-29, 2017

HOSCO name is getting popular in China market and many guitar builders and factories contacted us. Specially,Fret Polishing Rubbers, Fret Files, Fingerboard Radius & String Action Gauge and Fret Leveling File were popular at the booth.

Big Island Booth
We had introduced new Slotted Head Models of the Big Island Ukuleles for the first time.
Beijing local players supported us with their demonstration.
They took the audience with thier high skilled performance.

HOSCO Booth HOSCO Original Tools
Big Island Booth Live Performance at the booth
New Slotted Models Regular Models

musikmesse 2017

Apr. 5 - Apr. 8, 2017

Thank you very much for coming to our booth at the Musikmesse!
Our new products attracted visitors’ attention so much.
Especially, new series of relic parts, new tools like diamond sheets and plates,
and Big Island electric uku basses.
These new products will become popular this year.
Also, Gotoh has started a custom shop for OEM production.
They could build virtually anything that you dream of.

Whole view of our booth New series of relic parts close to genuine vintage appearance
New tools. Carving knife and Groobars (Tool for making nut slots) were also displayed. Everyone who played the uku bass liked it very much.
The other Big Island ukuleles were checked by many visitors. Gotoh carbon parts. OEM production is always welcomed.

The NAMM Show 2017

Jan. 19 - Jan. 22, 2017

The NAMM show 2017 finished very successfully.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth during the show.
We could meet many customers and introduce our new products there.
We will start to prepare for the next Musikmesse 2017 at the beginning of April.

Various kinds of Big Island ukuleles were displayed and many visitors were eager to purchase the samples. GOTOH Carbon Parts !
One of the most popular samples at the booth !
GOTOH Relic Parts.
Getting popular more and more.
HOSCO Relic Parts.
Some of new relic parts were added.
Trying to expand the A.A.A. cases all over the world! “Good balance of Light-weight and Heavy-duty” HOSCO New Knives, Original Buttons, and Bamboo fingerboard. The Bamboo fingerboard might be able to substitute for rosewood.

2016 International Show Report

Music China 2016

Oct. 26 - Oct. 29, 2016

The Music China 2016 was held in Shanghai from Oct. 26th to 29th.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth during the show.
The scale of this exhibition has gotten larger year by year.
There were record-high 1,900 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions at the 10 halls.
We believe the domestic demand of China market will be expanding more and more.

Thanks to you, the show was successful for us.

New HONU series of the Big Island Ukuleles. Special Premium Koa series
Electric Ukulele series
Electric Bass series
Many visitors showed interests in the ukuleles and checked the sound of the new models carefully.
Original designed HONU Ukulele strap for the visitors. Various kinds of Gotoh parts and Hosco parts & tools.
The show is a good chance to talk in person and check the actual items. New products and reference samples of Hosco parts and tools.
The relic parts for LP guitar
Mechanical Pencils for Woods
They will become available in 2017!

The Palm EXPO 2016 (Beijing Show)

May 25 - May 28 2016

The Palm EXPO 2016 finished.
This is one of the largest domestic exhibition in China for the musical instruments.
We introduced some new products of the Big Island Ukuleles.
New Electric Ukuleles and Electric Bass Ukuleles attracted many eyes and ears of visitors.
We will launch these new products worldwide within this year.
We will keep you updated on these new products.
Also, our Luthier Tools sold well at our booth.
Especially, a lot of visitors checked new drivers and new knives with fascination.

The view of our booth.
Big Island Ukuleles and HOSCO Tools.
Hosco Tools display side.
The display of the Big Island Ukuleles. The Live Performance by Chinese Ukulele Player at the booth.
There are New Electric series in front. New Products HEX Driver set and new screw drivers.
New Japanese Knives. Standard Tools and New Tools were displayed.

musikmesse 2016

Apr. 7 - Apr. 10, 2016

The Musikmesse 2016 closed its door.
We met many international buyers on the first half of the show and we saw more private visitors on the third day.
The fourth day was a calm day for us.
We think that the Musikmesse 2016 was a productive show for us.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth.

The whole view of our booth New tools
We had many good reputation during the show.
Relic parts
Try them with Gotoh relic hardware!
HOSCO packaged parts are getting popular.
Big Island ukuleles
Many visitors liked the ukuleles and enjoyed playing them.
New Mango model
What a beautiful grain it is!
GOTOH New Classical tuners made of carbon
Super light!
GOTOH New Violin String Adjuster
Excellent function!


Jan. 21 - Jan. 24, 2016

Thank you for visiting us at NAMM 2016!
See you again at NAMM 2017.
New location, but new products there as usual!
Many visitors enjoyed playing the samples.
The Hawaiian branded ukuleles are available at reasonable prices!
SX510 series have been launched newly instead of SE510.
The threaded nut-style is now available!
Replaceable wrench set, screwdrivers,
larger scrapers, shorter CP files, Diamond fret files, and tool bags.
Much good reputation on them during the show.
New metal knobs, CTS metric pots,
and Gotoh banjo tuners with MOP buttons.
More new products on our catalog 2016.

2015 International Show Report

Music China 2015

Oct. 14 - Oct. 17, 2015

We had a booth at the Music China 2015 in Shanghai.
There were two sections in our booth.
One was for GOTOH parts, HOSCO parts and tools.
Another section was for Big Island Ukuleles.
We displayed and sold parts and tools as usual.
Many customer purchased our products made in Japan.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth.
We introduced the Big Island Ukuleles for the first time at the Music China.
And, Ken Kawai performed the famous Chinese songs with Big Island Ukuleles.
Many visitors taken and tried Big Island Ukuleles.
Also, we had the live performance for luthier tools in our booth.
Many visitors were asking how to use the tools and trying the show samples there.

musikmesse 2015

Apr. 15 - Apr. 18, 2015

New GOTOH classical tuners (made of titanium and carbon (left upper)) and engraved 510 machine heads(bottom)
Every visitors liked the lightness of the carbon tuners.
The engraved tuners will be suitable for OEM as well.
New Hygrometer/Thermometer (H-HT60) installed on wooden frame and leather one.
(left upper)
We displayed the three kinds of wooden frames, Rosewood, Maple. and Spalted Mango.
Rosewood was the most popular during the show.
Saws, Scrapers, Fret Polishing Rubbers,
and so on.
All of them are good selling tools!
Hosco Workmat, and Neck Support.
Some of our customers checked the workmat and they wanted to carry it not only for re-sale but also for their workshop.
Hawaiian company brand
"Big Island Ukulele"
Big Island ukuleles used Hawaiian Koa and Hawaiian Mango.
We had many inquiries from visitors about where they can buy these ukuleles.
Distributors wanted. (except USA and EU)
Our booth was mostly busy during the show.
Thank you very much for visiting us!


Jan. 22 - Jan. 25, 2015

Whole view of our booth.
On the meeting with customer.
GOTOH bridges installed titanium saddles.
The In-Tune saddles are available individually.
GOTOH MG-T locking tuners.
The MG-T has been getting popular.
GOTOH Luxury Mode.
The engraved version has become available on SGS510Z, SGV510Z, and SGL510Z.
Vallorbe files, Japanese-made switches,
Purfling cutter as our new products.
Please click to get further information.
Fret Slot Cutting Saws.
Everyone likes Japanese-made files, saws,
and knives.

2014 International Show Report

Music China

Oct. 8 - Oct. 11, 2014

Our booth had been bustling with many visitors.
Thank you for coming!
Hosco had a booth as usual and displayed GOTOH, HOSCO parts, and HOSCO tools.
This time we displayed Japanese-made electric guitar kits.
Many of the visitors were interested in Japanese-made guitar.
During the Shanghai show, the HOSCO apron was very popular and some samples were sold out so quickly!

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