HOSCO Roll-up Bag 
model: H-TB1 HOSCO Roll-up tool bag

This tool bag is Japanese traditional tool bag.
We designed 2 different height pockets, so you can insert short or long tools.

size : (W)500 x (H)400mm, 115g
material : navy canvas cotton
pocket : 30mm(W) x 110mm/170mm(H) x 3
40mm(W) x 110mm/170mm(H) x 3
70mm(W) x 110mm/170mm(H) x 2
total 16 pockets

HOSCO Guitar-tech Bag 
model: H-TB2 HOSCO Guitar-tech bag, #1680D

・6 inserts with rubber bands for nut /fret files
or gauges etc, drivers etc.
・One transparent PVC zipper pocket for small parts
or tools like hex wrenches.
・One screw catcher magnet with red thread circle.
・Long tie and waist straps are adjustable to fit your style.

size : (W)240 x (H)120 x (D)70mm, 125g

HOSCO Apron 
model: H-AP1 HOSCO Original Apron

HOSCO original apron with two pockets and two pen-pockets.
Long tie and waist straps are adjustable to fit your style.

size : free
material : canvas cloth

HOSCO Workbench Mat 
model: H-LWM1 Workbench Mat

Two corners at the upper side located magnet tray to hold metal parts.
Front edge 6cm is able to fold down at the edge of the workbench.

Size : 120cm x 50cm (+6cm front edge)

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HOSCO Hygrometer/Thermometer 
model: H-HT60 HOSCO Hygrometer/Thermometer
model: H-HT60F Fahrenheit version
model: H-HT60/M H-HT60, w/Case mount kit

Hygrometer/Thermometer is useful as just as the indicator,
also it’s the best tool to catch the condition of your instrument
if you mount in your guitar case with our optional mount kit (HT-MKIT).


HOSCO Workbench Mat 
model: H-HT60/L H-HT60, w/Leather frame

H-HT60/L can be used as an interior parts of your workshop.

HOSCO 2-way Neck Support for Guitars
model: H-NSG

HOSCO original wooden neck support consists of 2 parts,
which you can get two different height at the neck rest.

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