We have been developing special making or repairing tools for musical instruments with traditional fine tools manufacturers in Japan for a long years. And we are supplying HOSCO luthier tools to professional guitar builders or factories, violin luthiers in the world.

HOSCO Hex Drivers and Screw Drivers
H-HEXTRSET Truss Rod Hex screw Driver Set , 5 in 1
straight: 3/16" ( 4.76mm )
L shape ( from left to right ): 1/8" ( 3.1mm ) / 4.0mm / 5.0mm
L shape long : 5.0mm

Truss rod wrench set to cover 4 different major truss rod size.
A magnet is installed in the handle and the wrenches can be replaced easily and quickly.

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Hex Drivers
H-HEXSD15 Saddle Hex screw Driver : 1.5mm
H-HEXSD127 Saddle Hex screw Driver : 0.05" ( 1.27mm )

These two tools promise you to adjust saddle height quickly and comfortably.
Total length is 165mm , handdle size is 100mm.

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HOSCO Screw Drivers
H-DPH1 Screw Driver , Phillips #1
H-DPH2 Screw Driver , Phillips #2
H-DSL5 Screw Driver , Slotted 5,0mm width

Basic screw drivers are also lined up.
Total length is 165mm , handdle size is 100mm.

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HOSCO Guitar Nut Cube
H-GNC Guitar Nut Cube (5 in 1)

10mm : for mini potentiometers / blend pots / Gotoh SG series
11mm : for potentiometers / push-pull control pots
1/2" : for CTS potentiometers
16mm : for knurled nut of Japanese toggle switches
Multi : for knurled nut of U.S. made toggle switches or others

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1/4" Pipe Wrench
WRE-I14 Pipe wrench for 1/4" truss rod hex nut

5/16" Pipe Wrench
WRE-I516 Pipe wrench for 5/16" truss rod hex nut
with phillips head screw driver and round cut shape for narrow rod slot

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Hex & Pipe Wrenches
WRE-1.27J 1.27mm
WRE-1.5J 1.5mm
WRE-2.0J 2.0mm
WRE-2.5J 2.5mm
WRE-3.0J 3.0mm
WRE-4.0J 4.0mm
WRE-5.0J 5.0mm
WRE-7.0J 7.0mm
WRE-8.0J 8.0mm
All wrenches are made in Japan with white sleeve..

Wrench Assort box set
WR-ASSORT Wrench assortment
Total 78pcs per box. Include : 12pcs each of 1.27mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 6pcs each of 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm

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