We have been developing special making or repairing tools for musical instruments with traditional fine tools manufacturers in Japan for a long years. And we are supplying HOSCO luthier tools to professional guitar builders or factories, violin luthiers in the world.

Whetstones for Gouges
TL-2HS1 280-grit
TL-2HS2 1000-grit
TL-2HS3 4000-grit
These tapered and half-round shaped whetstones are useful for curved blades like chisels and fishtail gouges.
Not only outer blades, but also inner blades are sharpened.
Size: 152 x 55 x 31 mm
Weight: 280g

Tips for using

Ceramic Combination Stones
TL-NC1800C New Cerax, #320/ #800
TL-NC2800C New Cerax, #280/ #1500
TL-NC3800C New Cerax, #1000/ #3000
TL-NC4800C New Cerax, #1000/ #6000

w/Flatenning stone , Size is 25 x 25 x 62mm.

Ceramic Single Stones
TL-ST800 Splex #800
TL-ST1200 Splex #1200
Size is 206 x 66 x 33mm.

*dip the stone in water 10-15min. before using.

Diamond Honing Tools
TL-IDH-1 Coarse, #150 grit
TL-IDH-2 Medium, #300 grit
TL-IDH-3 Fine, #800 grit
Size : 205mm x 70mm

Tips for using

Handy Hones
TL-HLF240 Flat shape, #240 grit, Red
TL-HLF320 Flat shape, #320 grit, Green
TL-HLF600 Flat shape, #600 grit, Black
45 x 7mm hone on 175mm length plastic handle

Tips for using

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