We have been developing special making or repairing tools for musical instruments with traditional fine tools manufacturers in Japan for a long years. And we are supplying HOSCO luthier tools to professional guitar builders or factories, violin luthiers in the world.

Vallorbe Saw Handles
TL-JSW-490 : Adjustable type
The TL-JSW-490 can be used for cutting shells.
The length can be adjusted and the depth is 75mm.

Jewellers Saw Blades
TL-JSWB-6/0 : 0.36 x 0.18 mm, 32teeth/cm
TL-JSWB-4/0 : 0.44 x 0.22 mm, 26.5teeth/cm
TL-JSWB-2/0 : 0.52 x 0.26 mm, 22teeth/cm
TL-JSWB-0  : 0.56 x 0.28 mm, 20.5teeth/cm
TL-JSWB-1  : 0.60 x 0.30 mm, 19teeth/cm
TL-JSWB-2  : 0.70 x 0.34 mm, 17.5teeth/cm

6 different size saw blades are available to cover various inlay cutting jobs. All blades are multi-purpose reliable blades. Sold as a dozen. Please check each blade thickness and width below.Blade length : 130mm

Circular Saw for Fret Slots
Dia. : Outer dia. 100mm, Inner dia. 32mm
Thickness : 0.5mm
Material : SK steel
Made in Japan

*OEM production is welcomed.

Check the teeth.

HOSCO Fret Saw Guide
Fret Saw Guide for TL-H-FSW series.
Size is 195 x 90 x 25 mm.
Weight is 475g.

Tip for using.

Fret Slot Cutting Saws
TL-H-FSW050H 0.50mm, high-end model
TL-H-FSW053H 0.53mm, high-end model
TL-H-FSW057H 0.57mm, high-end model
TL-H-FSW060H 0.60mm, high-end model
120mm blade length with rib

Check the teeth.

Fret Slot Cutting Saws
TL-H-FSW050 0.50mm, standard model
TL-H-FSW053 0.53mm, standard model
TL-H-FSW057 0.57mm, standard model
TL-H-FSW060 0.60mm, standard model
120mm blade length with rib.

Check the teeth.

Fret Slot Cleaning Saws
TL-H-SCSW040 0.40mm, 45 degree angle saw
TL-H-SCSW050 0.50mm, 45 degree angle saw
Pencil glip type cleaning saw, 15mm blade length Total 160mm length.

Tip for using

Fret Slot Cleaning Saws
TL-H-SCSWD04 0.40mm, Ryoba style saw
TL-H-SCSWD05 0.50mm, Ryoba style saw
These have 2 different special blades. One is puu-cut and another is push-cut.

Tip for using

Super Fine Cut Saws / 0.1mm blade thickness
TL-H-FCSW1 0.6mm blade pitch (top photo)
TL-H-FCSW103 0.3mm blade pitch (bottom photo)
It is a very thin blade for precisive cutting job.

Compare both teeth.

Fine Cut Saws
TL-H-FCSW2 0.2mm blade thickness, 120mm blade length
TL-H-FCSW3 0.3mm blade thickness, 160mm blade length
Both saws are 0.9mm blade pitch.

Check the teeth.

Violin Peg Hole Saw
TL-H-VP 0.4mm blade thickness and 70mm blade length
It is designed for cutting inside of violin pegbox. It is also useful to cut out guitar body side for EQ installation.

Tip for using

Bracing Saw
TL-RSAW Convex curved blade
66mm blade length, total 185mm length, 0.2mm thickness blade

Tip for using

Dozuki Saws (Back Saws)
TL-H-DS-240 240mm cut length, 0.3mm thickness
TL-H-DS-150 150mm cut length, 0.3mm thickness
Japanese standard saw for general wood cutting job.

Flush Cutting Saw
TL-H-FL120 120mm cut length
Short rib design.

Tip for using

Azebiki Saw
TL-H-AZE60 Convex curved 60mm blade
This is Japanese traditional design. Blade thickness is 0.35-0.55mm tapered.

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