We have been developing special making or repairing tools for musical instruments with traditional fine tools manufacturers in Japan for a long years. And we are supplying HOSCO luthier tools to professional guitar builders or factories, violin luthiers in the world.

2-way sanding block for Ukuleles
TWSB-U12 12h (305mm) / Flat
TWSB-U16 16h (406mm) / Flat

100mm(L) x 60mm(W) x 35mm(H) size fits ukulele fingerboard work.

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Kovax Finish Repairing Papers
KFRP800 800grit, yellow
KFRP1300 1300grit, orange
KFRP1500 1500grit, pink
KFRP2000 2000grit, green
KFRP2500 2500grit, blue
KFRP3000 3000grit, black
Good for repairing the finishing.
size : 70 x 114 mm (divided into 8 parts)

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Kovax Rubber Blocks for KFRP (Kovax Finish Repairing Papers)
KFRP-RBF for flat curface, 33 x 27 x 15mm
KFRP-RBC for curved curface, 26 x 33 x 20mm
Two shapes are available and they are made of hard rubber.

Shinex Snding Sheets
SSS-80 80grit, black
SSS-120 120grit, brown
SSS-240 240grit, red
SSS-400 400grit, green
SSS-600 600grit, purple
SSS-800 800grit, bluish purple
SSS-1500 1500grit, gray
SSS-3000 3000grit, orange
SSS-SET 2 0f each grit (80grit`3000grit), total 16pcs
material : chemical fiber non-woven fabric abrasive
size : 150x230x7.5mm (can cut half)
20pcs per box.

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Fret Polishing Rubbers
FPR180 180grit, 2pcs/set, blue
FPR400 400grit, 2pcs/set, red
FPR1000 1000grit, 2pcs/set, yellow
Easy and fast fret polishing tool.
size: 65x18x9mm,

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Fret Sanding Rubber
FSR150 150grit, 2pcs/set, blue
Easy and fast fret end sanding tool. This is harder rubber than FPR series.
size: 65x18x9mm

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2-way Sanding Blocks
TWSB-1 7-1/4"(184mm)/9-1/2"(241mm)
TWSB-2 10"(254mm)/12"(305mm)
TWSB-3 14"(356mm)/16"(406mm)
TWSB-4 15"(381mm)/20"(508mm)
80x150mm size wooden blocks for radius fretboard sanding.
Sanding area is 65x150mm.
There are 2 different radius on each size.

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Kovax Rolled Sandpapers
KCR100 100grit, 1.4m
KCR120 120grit, 1.8m
KCR150 150grit, 2.2m
KCR240 240grit, 2.6m
KCR320 320grit, 3.2m
Rolled sandpapers are self-adhesive type

64mm width for TWSB sanding blocks.

Self-adhesive Diamond Sheets
TDS100 100grit
TDS400 400grit
Size: 75x150mm for TWSB sanding blocks.

easy to cut by knife or shears

Kovax Water Proof Sandpapers
KSC180 180grit
KSC240 240grit
KSC320 320grit
KSC400 400grit
KSC600 600grit
KSC800 800grit
KSC1000 1000grit
KSC1200 1200grit
KSC1500 1500grit
KSC2000 2000grit
Size : 228x140mm, 200pcs per box. minimum order lot is 200pcs.

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