We have been developing special making or repairing tools for musical instruments with traditional fine tools manufacturers in Japan for a long years. And we are supplying HOSCO luthier tools to professional guitar builders or factories, violin luthiers in the world.

HSS steel Micro Chisels
TL-MC11 Micro Chisel, 1.1mm width
TL-MC22 Micro Chisel, 2.2mm width

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Japanese Fishtail Gouges
TL-NM-R3-16 Sweep#3, 16mm width blade
TL-NM-R5-12 Sweep#5, 12mm width blade
TL-NM-R7-10 Sweep#7, 10mm width blade
TL-NM-R7-14 Sweep#7, 14mm width blade
TL-NM-R7-20 Sweep#7, 20mm width blade
TL-NM-R8-7 Sweep#8, 7mm width blade
TL-NM-R8-10 Sweep#8, 10mm width blade
245mm total length

Cutting Edge Shape

Economy Japanese Chisels (Tataki-Nomi)
TL-INM3 3mm
TL-INM6 6mm
TL-INM9 9mm
TL-INM12 12mm
TL-INM15 15mm
TL-INM18 18mm
TL-INM21 21mm
TL-INM24 24mm
Factory made, HRC63, 225mm total length.

Japanese Gouges
TL-IGS9 Spoon shape, 9mm width blade
TL-IGS15 Spoon shape, 15mm width blade
Blade material is gShiragamih white steel and HRC64. Total length : 180mm

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