Boxed Fretwire (Packed 400-600 pcs)@
HF-S1-600 Small standard, 600pcs boxed
HF-S2-600 Small standard, 600pcs boxed
HF-M1-500 Medium standard, 500pcs boxed
HF-M2-500 Medium standard, 500pcs boxed
HF-M3-500 Medium standard, 500pcs boxed
HF-J1-400 Jumbo, 400pcs boxed
HF-U1-500 Mandolins, Banjos and Ukes, 500pcs boxed
HF-U2-500 Mandolins, Banjos and Ukes , 500pcs boxed

Our bulk fretwire is supplied in heavy cardboard box of 65mmx65mmx670mm (2-1/2hx2-1/2hx26-1/2h).

Precut Fretwire (Packed 24 pcs for one instrument)@
HF-S1-P24 Small standard
HF-M1-P24 Medium standard
HF-J1-P24 Jumbo

Our cut pieces fretwire is for one fingerboard (instrument), one package contained 24 pcs in size of 7cm (2-3/4h ) long.

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