Hosco Musical Instrument Kits are designed to fit from beginners to high-amature builders. And line up various musical instruments like ukuleles, classic guitars, acoustic & electric guitars, violins, percussion etc.
We supply these kits not only to music shops, but also school market or DIY market.
All products are inspected and set in Japan.
All the difficult works of shaping, assembling and sanding are done for you. You just assemble the parts and choose the finish to make your original instrument.

V-KIT-0@Violin kit, for painters
Working days: 1-3 days
Material: Solid spruce, Solid maple

Violin body is already finished. So you enjoy painting or drawing on the body.
Violin case and bow are included. You can enjoy to play.

V-KIT-1@Violin kit
Working days: 2-3 weeks
Material: Solid spruce, Solid masple

Violin making is quite difficult, but this HOSCO violin kit are half-finished. So you can make it by yourself. We reccomend this kit for studying violin construction. Case and bow are included.

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