Made of real wild deer ( a kind of smaller size deer) skin.
This is not only for wiping the instruments clean but also for getting the surfaces moistened. Its finest fiber is 0.0000015mm (0.000000059") against the artificial fiber that is 0.002mm (0.0000787").

KCL-WS Chamois leather, small size
KCL-WM Chamois leather, medium size
KCL-20 Square size (20x20cm)

<about size >
HOSCO Chamois Leather is packaged as non trimmed condition. So the shape is not square.
Small size is over 25cm x 25cm and medium size is over 30cm x 35cm.



@(Left : Microfiber cloth / Right : KCL Wiping Cloth)

We wiped a fingerprint on acrylic plate with our KCL Wiping Cloth
and a microfibre cloth the same way at only one time. Please see this big difference on the photos.

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