GOTOH GUT Co. began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan. Our parts are sold worldwide and are consistently ranked at the top of the industry by musical instrument makers. HOSCO is the distributor for international market and introduce GOTOH products at winter NAMM, Frankfurt Messe, Beijing PALM show, and Music China in Shanghai..


GOTOH Machine Heads with Ergonomic buttons
    Exclusively supplied by Hosco(Ergonomic buttons designed by Ph. D Motai)

"The unique shape to fit any kinds of guitar headstocks. Sophisticated form,
and rounded edges provided very smooth feeling to my fingers. It's my first impression."
by Momotaro Maruyama, Japanese guitarist.

Ebony and Pau Ferro are available at the moment.
The current buttons are for 3 aside tuners, but we are developing new ones for 6 in line and classical tuners.
If you are interested in purchasing these machine heads, please feel free to contact us.

The Carbon series has been added to O-LITE series (Super Lightweight series)

Item #CXB-01 Guitar machine head. 1:15
Push-fit bushings
17.5g ( /pc, Excludes Bushing )
( ex. SXB series Approx. 26g )
Item #CXN-01 Guitar machine head. 1:15
Threaded nuts and washers
18.1g ( /pc, Excludes Bushing )
( ex. SXN series Approx. 27g )
Item #CBT-01  Bass machine head. 1:28
Approx. 35.3g
( ex. FB-30 series Approx. 110g )
Item #CBB-4 Bass bridge approx. 46.4g
Titanium saddles
( ex. 203B-4 Approx. 130g )

GOTOH® has a water jet cutting machine for OEM production.
If you are interested in the OEM production with the Carbon material, please feel free to let us know.

A variety of GOTOH Relic Series for basses will be available soon!

FB30 Relic Machine Head
Gear ratio : 1:20
Head Type : L4/R4/L2+R2
Finish : Aged Nickel
VTB-4 Relic Bridge
String Spacing : 19mm
Finish : Aged Chrome
CP-20 Relic Control Plate
Finish : Aged Chrome
RB20 Relic Bass String Retainer
Finish : Aged Nickel

We will show a lot of Relic parts by GOTOH and HOSCO at our booth. Please visit our booth "8.0-H80" and check them.

L5 shaped plastic button option for 510 series machine heads (for L3+R3 only)

These buttons would be released in a few months.
We will let you know the prices and details as soon as we hear from GOTOH.

Aged Nickel finished staggered machine heads

model : 21333ANS-STG1

slotted post and 1 : 15 gear ratio.
Side : 6 in line (for Right-handed)
Finish : Aged Nickel

GOTOH Leather Pick Case

Model : PC-01N

No more losing your favorite pick!
This keyring style pick case will stay with you and wait for you to play the guitar.
A genuine leather, sewn durably, and light-weight.

Your original Logo can be printed with extra cost. Please feel free to ask us the details.

GOTOH SG510 Series

Model : SGi510
String posts : Standard, MG, Ukulele
Gear Ratio : 1 : 16
Finishes : C, GG, B, CK, XN, XC, XG
Weight : 24g/pc with S5 button
No mounting screw construction

Baby size 510 sealed gear machine head will be available soon !
This will be suitable for guitars, 12 string guitars,ukuleles and the other instruments that need small tuners.
You can order the SGi510 machine heads now.
(The shippnig will be done from middle of May.)

For more information

  *For business users only

Original Shape Design - Use Special Materials - Flexible Decorative Processing

GOTOH has started their custombuild team.
For example, these things below will be available.

●Original custom Multi-string bridges that are not on catalogs.
●Original custom string spacing tuners.
●Neck plates with your own custom brand logos.

Available materials
Steel plate, Brass plate, Carbon plate, Titanium plate and more...

Please consult with us, we can build virtually anything that you dream of.

HP address→  

GOTOH Classic Guitar Machine Heads - Premium Line - <Feb 2017>

Model : KG01-CA
Material : Carbon fiber (Base plate)
String Post : Aluminum & Carbon tube shaft
Gear Ratio : 1:16
Weight : 55.2g/pc (One side)
Color : Cosmo Black / Gold

KO-GA is a traditional Japanese term meaning outstanding elegance. We are please to introduce the first of the “Premium line KO-GA”, the KG01-CA.

We carefully reviewed the structure of traditional classical tuners and designed a new bearing structure which achieves greater concentricity and enhances durability. The KG01-CA also takes advantage of a unique carbon material pattern to become a new concept, a neo-classical tuner. KO-GA is the beginning of a new era of outstanding guitar hardware, unconstrained by the limits of convention.

For more information

GOTOH Violin Adjuster <July 2016>

Model : VA-01 Gotoh Violin Adjuster
Weight : 4.0g
Color : Chrom / Gold / Black

This VA-01 can be used to both of ball-end type and loop-end type strings. Also, the VA-01 will have "less" influence on the string length compared with ordinary adjusters.

 VA-01R Introduction →  

NEW Gold version of vintage style guitar machine heads w/staggered posts

model : 21333GS-STG1

slotted post and 1 : 15 gear ratio.
Side : 6 in line (for Right-handed)
Finish : Gold

What's "In-Tune" Saddle?

Gotoh's unipue grooving on the "In-Tune" saddles results in more exact intonation compared to traditional vintage-style saddles.
Each saddle is reversible and can be used in any position.
Titanium construction for rich harmonic overtones and long sustain.
Gotoh is proud to announce the titanium "In-Tune" saddle!
*Perfect octave tuning not guaranteed.

GOTOH SD Series - Optional Parts C・A・R・D

C・A・R・D 3/3 : for SD90(6pcs/set)
C・A・R・D 6   : for SD91(6pcs/set)


New model has been added to RELIC series.

RELIC Catalog Download

GOTOH catalog 2014 download
You can download the latest catalog to click here.

We introduce new products or special products which developed for HOSCO here.
GOTOH Relic parts <Aug. 2013>

Gotoh officially announce relic parts. We start to distribute these parts in bulk and will be availabe in packaged
soon. Please contact our sales force and check for pricing.

GOTOH Sidewall cut version bridge <Aug. 2013>

Unique Sidewall cut design
Model : Ti-TC1S

Base on Ti-TC1 Titanium "In-Tune" saddle, Ti-TC1S sidewall cut version was launched.
It features sidewall cut shape which protect from string break while guitar performance.
Each saddle is revesible and can be used in any position. Titanium material offers a rich harmonic overtones and long sustain.

GOTOH Brass version of "In-Tune" saddle <Aug. 2013>

Taditional brass materail for "In-Tune" saddle

Gotoh added brass material version for their "In-Tune" saddle series. Keeping concept of In-Tune saddle, you can get rich and clean tone from brass materail.

Model no. : BS-TC1, BS-TC2 and BS-TC1S (left to right)
GOTOH price change <June 2013>

All of Gold plated products' prices have been increased.
Plating code : GG, SG, MTG, XG, HG

Due to continuously gold price increasing and foreign exchange rate changing, Gotoh has decided to increase their prices for all kind of Gold plating from Aug. 1 delivery. Gotoh had not changed their prices for the last few years, because of the situation under strong yen. +We hope you understand this irregular price change.

Thank you.
NEW HOSCO x GOTOH products! <May 2013>

Staggered Tuners
model : 21333NS-STG1

Vintage look 6 in line tuners with staggered height posts. Oval button, slotted post and 1 : 15 gear ratio.
Finish : Nickel

NEW GOTOH Titanium Saddles <Jan. 2013>

It offers extreme durability. Titanium saddles are available on below tentative models.
TI-103B, TI103BT, TI-104B, TI-203B4, TI-TC1, TI-TC2
Further information will be released at NAMM 2013.

NEW GOTOH MGT Magnum Lock <Jan. 2013> Check the detail

It offers excellent quality, easy string locking system and minimal weight.
It imroves tuning stability greatly. MGT is available on SG510 series and SG series.
Further information will be released at NAMM 2013.

NEW HOSCO x GOTOH products!
<Oct. 2012>

model: GB-8 Bass tuner

Riveted cloverleaf keys with long stems and reversewind operation like the original ones.
Finish: N
Side: 4 in line

NEW Planetary Ukulele Tuner <Oct. 2012>

model: UPT/UPTL

Finishes: CW, B, G
Gear ratio: 1:4
Experience smooth and stable tuning! With the 1:4 ratio planetary gear mechanism of the UPT/UPTL you can keep the classic look of traditional friction pegs without the slippage or need for tightening.

Button option

NEW block option for GE1996T
<June 2012>

Block option was added to GE1996T.
Usually, although the height of a Block is 40mm, it is also possible to choose 36mm or 33mm.

*Please understand that our company does not do supply of a Block simple substance.

NEW HOSCO x GOTOH products! <Jan. 2011>

UK12W-05MANS Double-speed Ukulele Tuner

This machine head has a double-speed warm, so you can tune the strings two times faster.
Type: L2+R2
Finish: Nickel
Button: 05MA

NEW Stealth Keys <2011>

The smallest and lightest tuning keys
They are available to use for guitar, ukulele, or other stringed instruments that have string tension of less than 20kgs.(44 lbs.).
Gear ratiio: 18:1

  • The smallest housing
    8.5mm (.340”) x 21mm (.830”) x 4.5mm (.18”).
  • It is 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of ordinary guitar machine heads. The original buttons are available in aluminum or resin. Weight is 11 grams (.026 lb.) each with aluminum buttons and post.

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