Guitar Nut Cube (GNC)is the original and unique tool designed by HOSCO. Of course it is made in Japan.
GNC has 5 function in one. And it works for major hex nuts or knurled nuts for guitar field.

Cubic Design
Who think this is a guitar tool? It is recommendable for not only repair staff, but also guitar players.
Stainless Material
We care the material to develop this tool, because we want to make thinner, but need the hardness. This is the best balance.
Multi Purpose
There are many good tools in the world, but not so many good multi function tools.. This is why we try to design GNC.

HOSCO Guitar Nut Cube
H-GNC Guitar Nut Cube (5 in 1)

10mm Hex nut
11mm Hex nut
1/2" Hex nut
16mm Knurled nut
Multi Knurled nut

@Guitar Nut Cube

@5 function parts photo

11mm hex nut
Japanese potentiometers, Push-Pull control pots etc.

1/4" hex nut
USA potentiometers etc.

10mm hex nut
Gotoh or other guitar tuner hex nut etc.

Because of its design, it is difficult to use GNC with strings. We reccomend to use GNC after loosing strings or remove strings.

16mm knurled nut (Japanese toggle switches etc.)

This specially fits for Japanese 16mm knurled nut.

@Multi knurled nut (USA or others)

@This is multi use.

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