CREDU is HOSCO original percussion and it was developed for babies - preschool in 2000.
We have sold CREDU percussion in Japan till today and had a good response from the market. From 2013, we start CREDU distribution to international market.

CREDU is the word created by combining " Create" and "Education".

*Please use or play CREDU percussion under parents control for safety reason.

Easy to handle and play for babies or small kids, and safety for them. And good design as home interior.
2.Real Material
We use same material as real musical instruments. It means real sound. We want to give the real musical instruments sound for babies or kids. Wood feeling is quite different from plastic.
3.Safety Paint
We selected and use safety paint for CREDU percussion.
4.Musical instruments
Our target of CREDU is making musical instruments for babies and preschool market, not music toys. Before studying music at school, we want to give real music sound for babies and kids.

model: CBM Baby Maracas
Small size for kids. Big grip end helps not to slip out.

model: CES Egg Shaker
Both egg and egg stand are shaker. Mom can use as real egg stand.

model: CCP Casta-pallet
3 different size and material castanets are set on oval pallet with handle. These castanets make different tone. Play this putting on the floor or play holding this.

model: CJT Jingle Tree
Jingle stick in the motif of fir tree or Christmas tree.
All jingles are tied by ribbon to avoid dropping off.

model: CSC Star Chime
It is a star shaped triangle with holding stick and beater.
Kids can play either with using standing base or with holding chime by hand.

model: CPS-1 Rhythm Set 1
CBM, CES and CCP are set in gift box.

model: CPS-2 Rhythm Set 2
CJT and CSC are set in gift box.

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