A.A.A. is HOSCO original brand for musical instrument cases and bags. A.A.A. cases are designed and produced with musician's voice. A.A.A. means "Access All Area" (bring your instruments with this case anywhere) and "triple A" (triple A quality).

model:AC-0717 Ultra Light Case for 17" AT. guitars (16")

size : D110/W440/H1120 (mm) Dimension

*Comes with pads that can be stored is the 16 inch body.

model:AC-0700 Ultra Light Case for Dreadnought

size : D80〜95/W418/H1060 (mm) Dimension

*Cannot be stowed slowpshoulder, etc. (J-45).

model:AC-0702 Ultra Light Case for "OO" or Classical

size : D80〜90/W395/H1035 (mm) Dimension

model:AC-0703 Ultra Light Case for "OOO"

size : D80〜85/W395/H1035 (mm) Dimension

*Some larger sized classical guitar.

model:AC-0707 Ultra Light Case for ST and TL type ele. guitars

size : D40〜50/W340/H1045 (mm) Dimension

model:AC-0707LP Ultra Light Case for LP type ele. guitars

size : D30〜65/W350/H1070 (mm) Dimension

model:AC-0708 Ultra Light Case for Ele. Basses

size : D40/W520/H1205 (mm) Dimension

model:C-0729 Ultra Light Case for Banjos

size : D70/W350/H1000 (mm) Dimension

*For 5 strings Banjos. (w/resonator)

model:C-3800R Ultra Light Case for Flat Mandolins

size : D40〜50/W265/H720 (mm) Dimension

*For F model.

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