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Only one month left this year.
The NAMM show is coming soon and our preparation is in full swing.
Please drop by our booth to check our new products and also new catalogs will be
available there.
We are going to introduce our A.A.A. foam cases at the show.
The A.A.A. foam cases have sold very well here in Japan.
You will find the detailed information below on this Product News.

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The NAMM show ~ Our Booth : E1517 ~
Jan. 19th - 22nd, 2017
Anaheim, CA U.S.A.
Web site
If you attend the show, please make an appointment for a meeting with us beforehand.
Please reply to this Product News to make an appointment.
Blank Wooden Materials (New for 2017)
We will supply the Blank Wooden Materials for every Guitar Maker and Luthires.
You can design your original shapes and plans of a circuit you want.
◆Blank Guitar Body
Alder Body Mahogany Body
BBD-G2A Blank Guitar Body, 2-Piece Alder
BBD-G3A Blank Guitar Body, 3-Piece Alder
BBD-G1M Blank Guitar Body, 1-Piece Mahogany
BBD-G2M Blank Guitar Body, 2-Piece Mahogany
BBD-G3M Blank Guitar Body, 3-Piece Mahogany

* Dimensions
length 500/440 x width 350 x thickness 45 mm
◆Blank Bass Body
BBD-B3A Blank Bass Body, 3-Piece Alder
BBD-B1M Blank Bass Body, 1-Piece Mahogany
BBD-B2M Blank Bass Body, 2-Piece Mahogany
BBD-B3M Blank Bass Body, 3-Piece Mahogany

* Dimensions
length 540/460 x width 380 x thickness 45 mm
◆Blank Guitar Neck
BNCK-GMA/A Blank Guitar Neck, Maple, A-grade
BNCK-GMA/2A Blank Guitar Neck, Maple, 2A-grade

* Dimensions
length 720 x width 110 x thickness 22/27 mm

BNCK-GMA14/A Blank Guitar Neck, Maple, 14 degree, A-grade
BNCK-GMA14/2A Blank Guitar Neck, Maple, 14 degree, 2A-grade
BNCK-G3MA14/A Blank Guitar Neck, 3-Piece Maple, 14 degree, A-grade
BNCK-G3MA14/2A Blank Guitar Neck, 3-Piece Maple, 14 degree, 2A-grade

* Dimensions
length 220/520 x width 63 x thickness 25 mm
◆Blank Bass Neck
BNCK-BMA/A Blank Bass Neck, Maple, A-grade
BNCK-BMA/2A Blank Bass Neck, Maple, 2A-grade

* Dimensions
length 920 x width 110 x thickness 22/27 mm
BNCK-BMA14/A Blank Bass Neck, Maple, 14 degree, A-grade
BNCK-BMA14/2A Blank Bass Neck, Maple, 14 degree, 2A-grade
BNCK-B3MA14/A Blank Bass Neck, 3-Piece Maple, 14 degree, A-grade
BNCK-B3MA14/2A Blank Bass Neck, 3-Piece Maple, 14 degree, 2A-grade

* Dimensions
length 230/720 x width 70 x thickness 25 mm
◆Blank Fingerboard
Rosewood Fingerboard Curly Maple Fingerboard
Ebony Fingerboard
BFG-RW/A Blank Fingerboard, Rosewood, A-grade
BFG-RW/2A Blank Fingerboard, Rosewood, 2A-grade
BFG-CM/A Blank Fingerboard, Curly Maple, A-grade
BFG-CM/2A Blank Fingerboard, Curly Maple, 2A-grade
BFG-EB/A Blank Fingerboard, Ebony, A-grade
BFG-EB/2A Blank Fingerboard, Ebony, 2A-grade

* Dimensions
length 700 x width 70-100 x thickness 8 mm
If you would like to know the FOB prices, please feel free to ask us.
Actual wooden materials might have a minor discrepany on the measurements.
◆Big Island Ukulele
 HONU Electric Bass Series
We officially introduced this Electric Bass Ukulele Series to the Ukulele Players in Japan
( the Yokohama Ukulele Picnic in August and The Music Fair Japan 2016 ) and
in China ( the Music China in October ).
Everyone praised at playability and genuine bass sound of this Electric Bass Ukulele.
These strong points come from the special steel strings for this Bass series.
Usually, the strings material for the Ukulele Bass is made from the chemical fibers.
The strings of the Big Island Electric bass Series are winded steel material
on the special core material.
Even if the fret scale is short, the special steel strings will make
an amazing genuine bass sound.

Please try this Electric Bass Ukulele Series at the NAMM show.
You would be surprised this new instrument.

Also, you can check the sound of the Electric Bass Ukulele with the movie below.
◆A.A.A. Ultra Light Case
A.A.A. Ultra Light Case is form cases of HOSCO original brand.
A.A.A. is a real popular series what is selling by many shops in Japanese market.
We supply various sized cases for acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses, banjos,
and flat mandolins.
A.A.A. means "Access All Area" ( bring your instruments with this case anywhere ) and
"triple A" ( triple A quality ).
Light, Strong and Thin ( Thickness 17cm )
Inner Looks
Wine red color with large accessory box
Large Pocket
Useful to put A4 music scores & accessories
Black Chrome Metal Strap Hardware
hard to break

You can check the dimensions by clicking the photos.
For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

The Music Fair Japan 2016 was held in Tokyo from 4th November to 6th November.
123 companies exhibited and 40,647 people visited the show.
HOSCO had two booths there. One is fretted instruments and another is winds.
Many musician’s demonstration caught visitors and they were insterested in our instruments.
We hope that the show will give good effects to Japanese music market.

We HOSCO distribute many brands from all over the world to Japanese market.
Always, we are looking for the unique and valuable items.
Your offer is always welcome!

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
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