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August is the hottest of summer in Japan. Every day and every night, it is over 30 degrees Celsius now.
However, many Japanese people are walking around the street with their smartphone to play Pokémon GO®. How about Pokémon GO® in your country?
We wish something new which attracts people like Pokémon GO® came up in the musical instrument industry as well.
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High quality single coil pickup made in Japan
We accept your custom order!!
Reference Photo
Item# SS-1
Single coil pickup
DCR 5.8KΩ±0.3kΩ
Number of the coil wire turns 7800turns
Coil wire #42PE(Plain Enamel)
Magnet Alnico5 Magnet
We can supply the high quality pickups made in Japan at your specifications.
You can choose for Bridge, Middle, Neck each
*The number of the coil wire turns
*Coil wire material
(#42 plain enamel, #42 heavy formvar, #42.5 urethan, #43 plain enamel, #43 urethan,
#44 urethan)
*Reverse Polarity
*The color of pickup cover
(black, white, mint green, vintage white, cream)
MOQ:50 pcs per each specification
We can supply other type of pickups (Humbuckers, Jazz pickups, P-90 and Bass pickups) . If you are interested in the OEM pickups, please feel free to ask us a quotation!
HOSCO Package Circuit Kits Made in Japan!
We bundled the reliable high quality Japanese parts for several type of the electric guitars.
These kits include a wiring diagram for easily assembling.
LP type w/BK knob & BK plate

500K audio pot x 2
500K linear pot x 2
Toggle switch x 1
Output jack x 1
Capacitor (0.022uf) x 2
Single wire x 8
Single conductor wire x 1
3-conductor wire x 1
LP type w/Ivory knob & Ivory plate

500K audio pot x 2
500K linear pot x 2
Toggle switch x 1
Output jack x 1
Capacitor (0.022uf) x 2
Single wire x 8
Single conductor wire x 1
3-conductor wire x 1
ST type

250K audio pot x 3
5-way switch x 1
including Black & Ivory knobs & screws
Output jack x 1
Capacitor (0.047uf) x 1
Single wire x 8
TL type

250K audio pot x 2
3-way switch x 1
including knob & screws
Output jack x 1
Capacitor x 2 (0.047uf & 0.001uf)
Single wire x 5
JB type

250K audio pot x 3
Output jack x 1
Capacitor (0.047uf) x 1
Single wire x 4
PB type

250K audio pot x 2
Output jack x 1
Capacitor (0.104uf) x 1
Single wire x 4
MG type

Slide switch x 2
250K audio pot x 2
Output jack x 1
Capacitor (0.047uf) x 1
Single wire x 11
Ground wire x 1
We supply these circuit kits in the packages like as this photo.

HOSCO unique instrument Kits of Electric Basses and Guitar!
As you know, there is a demand for the DIY kits of the Electric Basses and Guitars. In the market you should recommend your customers to carry our unique instrument kits for the demand.
You can confirm the details and the sample of the finished instrument with click each Item#.
We introduce you the Ukulele Tuners with high needs in this time!
Item# UPT
for head thickness 10 to 12mm
Item# UPTL
for head thickness 11.5 to 13.5mm
Planetary Ukulele Tuner
We can say UPT is the best selling ukulele machine heads at the moment.
It has traditional appearance moreover it is not the friction tuner but the 1:4 ratio planetary gear tuner.

Finishes : Chrome White, Black Chrome, Gold
Gear ratio : 1:4
Weight : 15.0g/pc (UPT included nut and washer)
      15.9g/pc (UPTL included nut and washer/long shaft)
Item# UK12
Super lightweight Ukulele Tuner
UK12 is made of super light weight material “RES-O-LITE”.
It improves to keep the better balance of Ukuleles at the playing.

Finishes : Nickel, Gold
Gear ratio : 1:14
Weight : 9.0g/pc
Item# UK700
High Performance Tuner with H.A.P. system
UK700 has Height Adjustable String Post that enables to change the tension of the string.

Finishes : Nickel, Gold
Gear ratio : 1:15
Weight : 17.5g/pc (included bush)
You can confirm the dimensions and the button options with click each Item#.
The Recommended Tools of this month!!

Item# TL-I-6S
6 pcs Mini knives set with Roll-up Bag
We developed this mini knives set with the request from many luthiers. The set includes Right, left & double beveled, Pointed right & left beveled and Chisel style.

You can see enlarge the photos by clicking them.
Right beveled (27.3mm) Left beveled (24.6mm)
Pointed right beveled (60.7mm) Pointed left beveled (60.7mm)
Double beveled (28.3mm) Chisel style (10.8mm)

①All knives put into the Roll-up Bag.
②Turn down the upper side an rolled up.
③All knives have an individual cover.

Roll-up Tool Bag
Item# : H-TB1
Roll-up Tool Bag
*The tools on this photo are not included.

HOSCO Roll-up Tool Bag is in stock right now!
This light weight and compact bag has 2 different depth and 3 different width pockets.
You can choose the pockets depending on the length or width of the tools.
The material is navy canvas cotton.

Bag Size :
(W) 500 x (H) 400mm, 115g

Pocket :
30mm(W) x 110mm/170mm(H) x2 x2(short/long)
40mm(W) x 110mm/170mm(H) x3 x2(short/long)
70mm(W) x 110mm/170mm(H) x2 x2(short/long)

total 16 pockets

Wide Scrapers
Thank you very much for that the first batch of the Wide Scrapers were sold out for a short time. TL-SCR-1S and TL-SCR-1C now arrival again!
These scrapers work to shave the side of the guitar bodies well.
Item# TL-SCR-1S
Wide Scraper
Straight shape
150 x 55mm
Thickness 1.0mm
Item# TL-SCR-1C
Wide Scraper
Curved shape
150 x 55mm
Thickness 1.0mm
Shaving widely Shaving narrowly

The Ukulele Picnic was held in Yokohama-city from 30th to 31st July. This event started in 2000 and it is counted the 17th. We had a booth at this event and showed the Big Island Ukuleles and our related products. Some visitors came from several Asian countries as well as from all over Japan. We are going to have a booth at the Music China in Shanghai with the Big Island Ukuleles and many new products. We are looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai.

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