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Rio 2016 Olympics are coming soon. You would cheer to the national team of your mother country. It is said that the Olympic Games give 250 billion dollars to 300 billion dollars influence of the economy to a host country. Also, the Olympics give the big amusements and consumption all of the world. This is so good economic effect of Olympic Games. We do hope that Rio 2016 Olympics give the good effects to our musical instrument industry as well.


Original Picks

We can supply all of picks on the HOSCO parts catalog with the original design.
Hot stamp, Silk screen, Ink jet are available.
We can produce the original picks from 100 pcs!

Variety of printing method
Hot stamp
Suitable for single color, reasonable price.
Silk screen
Suitable for color illustration.
UV ink jet
Using the latest UV ink-jet
Suitable for a photograph and exact manuscript.
Special grip proccessing
Sand Grip and Rubber Grip are available.
If you are interested in the original picks, please feel free to ask us for a question with your Logo or designed data.
Please note that an initial cost for plating will be needed and there is a minimum order amount based on our order conditions.
Violin Adjuster VA-01R
Gotoh has started supplying this new Violin adjuster with new packages.
It was additionally improved after the Musik Messe.
VA-01R C (Chrome)      VA-01R G (Gold)        VA-01R B (Black)    
R-Type(for 1-2 strings) and L-Type(for 3-4 strings) available.
Weight : 4.0g
This package includes two fine-tuning bolts, 20 mm and 16 mm.
when you order as bulk, you should choose either long or short one.

You can access to video instruction from this QR code or link.
Conversion Bushing BU-CBN

If you replace the machine heads, from the Rotomatic (R) type to Kluson (R) type,
you don't need to remake the peg holes for GOTOH SG series machine heads.
The Conversion Bushing are effective for the following series.
SD510, SDS510, SD90 and SD91 series Also, the Conversion Bushings are effective for SXB510, SXB510V and SE700 series
but the shape of the bushings changes from the hexagon shape to the circle shape.

Item# : BU-CBB
Finish : Black
Item# : BU-CBN
Finish : Nickel
Item# : BU-CBG
Finish : Gold

New Archtop Guitar Bridges
HOSCO presents new archtop guitar bridges with contoured base.
The contoured base is light and effectively transmit the vibration of the strings to Guitar body.
Compensated with contoured Base.
Chrome Thumbwheels.
Item# : F-2812
Ebony Archtop Guitar Bridge
Item# : F-2812R
Rosewood Archtop Guitar Bridge
Compensated with contoured Base.
Brass Thumbwheels.
Item# : F-2813
Ebony Archtop Guitar Bridge
Item# : F-2813R
Rosewood Archtop Guitar Bridge
F-2812, F-2812R, F-2813, F-2813R
Specification change of BP-TPOW(ex. P-117) WAVERLY OLD STYLE TAILPIECE

Two parts of BP-TPOW(ex. P-117) Waverly Old Style Tailpiece have changed.
Please note that the angle adjustment screw and hex nut for installing have changed.

  Old Style (adjustment screw) New Style (adjustment screw)
  Old Style (hex nut) New Style (hex nut)
You can download HOSCO parts catalog from this link.
Best-selling Tools

Here are best 5 selling HOSCO Luthier Tools of the earlier period of 2016.
The Japanese-made tools are well-known for its high quality.
We will introduce some of the good-selling tools in our product line-up this time.
Please check our catalog.

Item# : TL-NF3E Item# : TL-FF2

This is the most popular model in the
TL-NF3 series. The files are hardened and they are heavy-duty.
.010"/.026", .013"/.036", .017"/.046"

This file is for crowning the standard guitar frets.
Also, small (1R) and large (3R) are available.

Item# : TL-NF10 Item# : TL-FC190

One set includes 10 different thick files.
11 pcs set with .050" gauge Item# : TL-NF-11 available.
Also, each files is available individually.
010/ .013/ .016/ .024/ .028/ .032/ .036/ .042/
.046/ .056

190mm length x 26mm width
The flet cutter can flush-out the fretwire close to the fingerboard.

Item# : FPR1000 Polishing

You can polish the frets easily and quickly.

You can download HOSCO Luthier Tools catalog from this link.
Unique patterned pickguards
These unique patterns are available in ST, TC, JB, and PB shapes.
A blank sheet (300x470mm) is also available.
Please contact us for further information.
3D Blue              Abalone White         Abalone Yellow
You can see enlarge the photos by clicking them.

We are going to have a summer break from August 10th to 15th.
Regarding your e-mails that are sent during the summer break, we will reply to the e-mails on or after August 16th. Sorry for causing you inconvenience.


In summer season, there are many local festivals (Natsu Matsuri) in Japan.
A lot of summer festivals have been held since several hundred years ago. Many artistically decorated floats parade on the street. And, we can hear the sound of Japanese traditional instruments Fue(flute), Taiko(drums) and Shamisen during the festivals. If you come to Japan in summer season, you will enjoy Japanese art and music there.

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