Dear valued customers,

We are back from consecutive national holidays which is called “Golden Week”
The Golden Week is one of Japanese Holiday weeks like New Year(January) and the Summer festival week(August).
We could have seven days off in a week because there were four national holidays and a weekend.
Sorry for causing you inconvenience.
Now, The summer season is coming.
Please do not forget placing a regular order before you leave for summer vacation.
Thank you for your continued support.


Musikmesse 2016
(Apr. 7-10, 2016)

The Musikmesse 2016 closed its door.
Some of you might already know how it was.
We met many international buyers on the first half of the show and we saw more private visitors on the third day.
The fourth day was a calm day for us.
We think that the Musikmesse 2016 was a productive show for us.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth.
We look forward to seeing you again!

The whole view of our booth New tools
We had many good reputation during the show.
Relic parts
Try them with Gotoh relic hardware!
HOSCO packaged parts are getting popular.
Big Island ukuleles
Many visitors liked the ukuleles and enjoyed playing them.
New Mango model
What a beautiful grain it is!
GOTOH New Classical tuners made of carbon Super light! GOTOH New Violin String Adjuster
Excellent function!
The Premium Line

KO-GA is a traditional Japanese term meaning outstanding elegance.
We are pleased to introduce the first of the "Premium line KO-GA", the KG01-CA.
We carefully reviewed the structure of traditional classical tuners and designed a new bearing structure which achieves greater concentricity and enhances durability.
The KG01-CA also takes advantage of a unique carbon material pattern to become a new concept, a neo-classical tuner.
KO-GA is the beginning of a new era of outstanding guitar hardware, unconstrained by the limits of convention.

String Post : Aluminum & Carbon tube shaft
Finishes : XCK(X-Cosmo Black) XG(X-Gold)
Gear Ratio : 1 : 16
Plate Material : Carbon fiber

At the Musikmesse, many visitors were surprised at the lightness of KO-GA.
The weight of a set of the machine heads is only 120g!
(The average weight of current 35G510 series is 185g.)

Violin Adjuster
Compact and inconspicuous
Easy mounting
Designed for ball-end and loop-end

*This adjuster has wider range of tension adjustment than the other type of tuning device.
*This adjuster keeps nearer position by conventional string position than the other type of tuning device.
Finishes : C(Chrome)/GG(Gold)/B(Black Chrome)
R-Type(for 1-2 strings) and L-Type(for 3-4 strings) available.
Weight : 4.0g
(Also, it works for Violas)
Diamond Fret level & Crown Files

These files are HOSCO original designed 3 in 1 diamond files.
#600 grit diamond fret leveling file with 2 type of fret crown files.

(for ukuleles or mandolin frets / for normal guitar frets)
(for normal guitar frets / for jumbo frets)
Exotic Wood Bindings
850x6.5x1.5mm, Maple4.5/B0.5/W0.5/B0.5/W0.5
850x7.0x1.5mm, Maple5.5/B0.5/W0.5/B0.5
850x7.0x1.5mm, Maple4.6/B0.8/W0.3/B0.6/W0.4
850x7.0x2.5mm, Rose5.2/Maple0.6/B0.6/Maple0.6
850x7.0x1.5mm, Maple5.5/Rose0.5/B0.5/Rose0.5
850x6.0x2.0mm, Rose5.1/W0.3/Green0.3/W0.3
850x6.0x1.5mm, Rose4.5/W0.5/B0.5/W0.5
Minimum order quantity 100 pcs each.

We accept an order for only 20 pcs each of 5 items, total 100 pcs.
This special offer will be applied if you place another main order for JPY 300,000.- or more.
Please understand that we need to add the trial order to the main one.

(This special offer will be applied till June 30th.)


We announced that our catalog’s PDF data can be downloaded from our website.
We also issued paper catalogs of our products(HOSCO parts, Luthier tools and Gotoh products)
If you need the printed ones, we can send them by air mail.
Please feel free to let us know.


Thank you very much for your kind words about the earthquake that happened
in Kumamoto pref.
There was no damage in our city because the disaster area is 700 km away from here.
It would take a long time for reconstruction as before but we hope for early revival at the disaster area.

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or