Dear valued customers,

Thank you very much for visiting our booth at the NAMM 2016.
The show was ended successfully.
Next, musikmesse 2016 is approaching.
The musikmesse 2016 will change a lot, but we are going to have a booth as usual.
It will be worth seeing the changes and our new products.
We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!

Thank you for your continued support.


Thank you for visiting us at NAMM 2016!
See you again at NAMM 2017.
New location, but new products there as usual!
Many visitors enjoyed playing the samples.
The Hawaiian branded ukuleles are available at reasonable prices!
SX510 series have been launched newly instead of SE510.
The threaded nut-style is now available!
Replaceable wrench set, screwdrivers,
larger scrapers, shorter CP files, Diamond fret files, and tool bags.
Much good reputation on them during the show.
New metal knobs, CTS metric pots,
and Gotoh banjo tuners with MOP buttons.
More new products on our catalog 2016.
The following items are what we had much good reputation during the show.
SX510 series
Previously, SE510 series had three models which are called SE510, SE510W, and SE510M.
The new SX510 series consist of four models.
SXB510 has the same dimensions as SE510 did.
SXB510V has an oval-shaped mounting screw hole to cover mounting screw hole spacings for both of SE510W and SE510M, which means two models have been unified to one.
SXN510 and SXN510V come with threaded nuts, but the dimensions are the same as SXB510 and SXB510V.
OLD (Discontinued)
SXB510 SXN510V
Relic Pickguard (Prototype)
Our new relic plastic parts that we introduced last month are getting popular.
We will try to start supplying the relic pickguard as soon as possible. 
Hex Driver Set
Five hex wrenches for adjusting the truss rod come with a light-weighted aluminum handle.
The wrenches detachable by magnet contact, so this set is very compact. 
Hex Drivers
These hex drivers are for adjusting the saddle height screws.
One is for metric, another is for U.S. size.
Light-weighted aluminum handle.
Sold individually.
Screw Drivers
Selected screw drivers for heavy use.
Light-weighted aluminum handle.
Sold individually.
We are afraid that we had to increase our prices for some products.
The schedule of the price changes is as follows.

*Hosco parts : on Feb. 1st 2016
 (You can download new HOSCO Parts Catalog from our website.)

*Hosco tools : on Feb. 1st 2016

*Gotoh products : on May 1st 2016
 (If you place an order by the end of April, the current prices will be applied.

Ceramic Combination Stones
Because of a maker specifications change, the "Cerax" Ceramic Combination Stones change as below.
Item# Description
TL-NC1800C Combination Stone #800/#320 (the old combination is #800/#400)
TL-NC2800C Combination Stone #1500/#280
TL-NC3800C Combination Stone #3000/#1000
TL-NC4800C Combination Stone #6000/#1000 (This is new combination)
Vallorbe Jeweller Saw Handle
The shape of "Vallorbe Jeweller Saw Handle" was changed and the new item numbers were applied.
Item# Description
TL-JSW390 Jeweller Saw Handle,
Fixed type
Weight 130g,
Depth 75 mm
TL-JSW490 Jeweller Saw Handle,
Adjustable type
Depth 75mm
※TL-JSW300 and TL-JSW400 were discontinued.
The plum blossoms has begun to bloom in the field in front of Hosco office.
We call the Japanese plum "Ume".
The plum blossoms open earliest in the year among all blossoms.
The perfume of the plum blossoms is very sweet and strong.
Many Japanese people know the coming of spring by blooming of the plum blossoms in the coldest days.
In coming summer season, so many plum fruits will grow in this field.
The Umeboshi is the most famous and sour pickles made of the plum fruit in Japan.
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or