Dear valued customers,

Can you believe that there are only two months left in 2015?
Definitely, time likes flying so fast!
Speaking of December, yes, Christmas is coming.
If you are looking for something for Christmas sales, please feel free to ask us.
How about offering musical instrument kits to your customers?
We will be able to suggest something suitable for your market.

Thank you for your continued support!


The Music China 2015 finished.
We had a booth at the Music China as usual.
There were two sections in our booth this year.
One was for the GOTOH parts, the HOSCO parts and tools.
Another section was for the Big Island Ukuleles.
Thank you very much for visiting our booth.

Parts and Tools
We displayed the parts and tools and sold them as usual.
Many customer purchased our products that made in Japan.
Hosco Tools
We had the live performance for luthier tools in our booth.
Many visitors were asking how to use the tools and trying the show samples there.
*New Big Island ukuleles made of solid mahogany.
We displayed the Big Island Ukuleles for the first time at the Music China.
Also, we introduced new solid Mahogany Ukuleles for the first time.
They were the most popular products at the show.
This mahogany series is attached a durable and practical bag.
(Beige color, Heavy-duty #1680D nylon, 1 strap and 1 confortable handle, 1 large pocket)
Many Ukulele players from the world were satisfied
with the good sound and reasonable price.
And, Ken Kawai performed with Big Island Ukuleles.
He played various music that included famous Chinese songs and pleased the visitors.
We could get some connections to Chinese customer for the distribution of the Big Island Ukuleles during the show.

Relic Parts (New for 2016)

We will start supplying these relic parts since next year.
Please consider to purchase them with Gotoh’s relic parts.
Samples will be shown at the upcoming NAMM show.

Pickup cover
Switch Tip
 LRW-390 (Metric)
 LRW-390I (US size)
Arm Tip
Control Knobs
(fits both of metric and US size)

 KRW-240TI (Tone)
 KRW-240VI (Volume)
Control Knobs
 KG-130TS/R (Tone, Gold w/sliver plate, Metric)
 KG-130VS/R (Volume, Gold w/sliver plate, Metric)
 KG-130TSI/R (Tone, Gold w/sliver plate, US size)
 KG-130VSI/R (Volume, Gold w/sliver plate, US size)
Hi, I'm Shunsuke Ando.
The Tajimi Mountain Time Festival was held on Oct. 17th and 18th.
It’s one of the biggest bluegrass festival in Japan and it’s held this season every year.
HOSCO had a booth there as usual.
eryone brought their instruments and played songs together.
Also, they had BBQ and enjoyed themselves all through the night.
So did we. :-)
This time 105 bands performed songs on the stage.
About 70% of the bands were university students, so the festival was lively and active.
Of course we also performed songs there as Hosco Bluegrass band!!
We were so nervous in front of many audience, so we made many mistakes,
but we had a good experience.
We will practice more and more, so the next performance will be better!
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or