Dear valued customers,

The Music China is just around the corner.
As we mentioned last month, we will have some live performances for Big Island ukuleles and also for our luthier tools.
If you attend the show, please feel free to visit us.
We recommend that you make an appointment for a meeting beforehand if you already know your schedule.

See you in Shanghai soon!


The show will be held in Shanghai from October 14th to 17th.
Our booth is W1E20.
We will show Big Island ukuleles, Gotoh parts, Hosco parts, and Hosco tools.
For further information about the Music China,
please access the official website from the link below.
Big Island New Mahogany Series
We will show you some photos of the final sample here.

Please come to our booth and check the actual samples!
We do believe that the new mahogany series will be accepted in the market soon.
The followings are some featutres on the new mahogany series.

*The solid Mahogany body makes a big and good sound.
*The HONU logo branded on the headstock looks pretty.
*Come with a durable and practical bag.
*Reasonable prices.
*Suitable for beginners and middle-level players.

If you are interested in the new mahogany series or the other Big Island Ukuleles,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will introduce various kinds of the Big Island ukuleles
at the upcoming Music China 2015.
If you like the samples and bring them back, you could purchase them at the show.
Please note that the quantity is limited.

And we will have a live performance of the Big Island Ukuleles
three times a day during the show.

○10:00 am ~
○1:00 pm ~
○3:00 pm ~
Performed by Ken Kawai
(2005 Technic award at Famous Ukulele Contest in Japan)
Live performance for luthier tools
○11:00 am ~
○2:00 pm ~
○4:00 pm ~
A staff from Hosco will show how to use some tools on the following process at the time mentioned above.
It will be a good chance for you to ask us directly.
#1 Fret work
#2 Wooden work
#3 Set up an electric guitar
*Precut Fretwire for manufactures

We can supply your fretwire at your lengths and also do undercut if you would like.
The MOQ is 100 sets.
Get a quote now.
Try our precut fretwire and save a time!
*Precut Fretwire for retailors
We are going to start selling some of our fretwires as set of 24 with Hosco packaging since next year.
Length : 70mm
Radius : 300mm
Hardness : HV175
Set of 24
Made in Japan
HF-S1-P24 HF-M1-P24 HF-J1-P24
Clutch Bag for Tools (New product for 2016)

This bag is suitable to carry some tools for minor-adjusting the instruments
while you are out.

This bag is designed for guitar tech or guitar players to set up the instruments.
You can set nut files, fret crown files, gauges, wrenches, strings, string winder etc...

Weight : 125g
Size : (W)240 x (H)120 x (D)70mm
Color : Black

A magnet is attached under the red circle.
You can use the magnet to put small parts like screws, nuts, and washers not to lose them while you are working.

This transparent compartment can be used to put some small parts or small tools.
You can see easily what is inside.

※Please note that the clutch bag does not come with these tools.
The photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or