Dear valued customers,

The hot summer is ending here.
When I saw thermometer in the car at the early of August, it showed 48 degree celsius!
Now we are feeling autumn sometimes...
We hope that you are enjoying the end of summer.

Music China is approaching.
If you are going to visit the show,
please feel free to see us!

Thank you for your continued support.


The show will be held in Shanghai from October 14th to 17th.
It has been expanding year by year, so if you have never attended it, it is worth seeing.
Our booth is W1E20.
We will show Big Island ukuleles, Gotoh parts, Hosco parts, and Hosco tools.
For further information about the Music China,
please access the official website from the link below.
If you attend the show, we recommend
that you make an appointment for a meeting beforehand.
Because many visitors come to the show and
we are always busy for taking care of the visitors
Please reply to this e-mail to make an appointment.

Here is something new that you will see at the Music China.

1. Live performance for luthier tools
We will show you how to use some tools at our booth.
It will be a good chance for you to ask us directly.

2. Show Samples
Luxury mode
These engraved machine heads will make your instruments look more gorgeous!
Gotoh can engrave your original design as well if you order 30 sets.
CTS Metric
One of the well-known potentiometers is CTS.
Most of CTS pots have US threads, but we can supply the metric version too.
There is some demand in the market for the metric CTS pots.
For example, an end-user who has the electric guitar that is used metric Japanese-made pots or the other asian-made ones,
if he would like to change the original pots to CTS,
US threads – he has to change the knobs too
Metric – he can keep using the original knobs

We will do a sales promotion for this. (The quantity is limited.)
If you buy the hygrometer/thermometer with PVC leather frame,
a case mount kit will come together for free.
Do not miss this good opportunity!

Fret Shield
We have already started selling this product in Japan and we had very good responses from our domestic customers.
Please see the following strong points.

1) Prevents strings from scratching frets.
2) Absorbs the humidity to become 50-60%.
3) Odor eliminating effect and mildeproof
4) Made in Japan

We look forward to receiving a sample order from you.

 ● AHM-660 : 6 x 60 cm for guitars / bass guitars

 ● AHM-530 : 5 x 30 cm for mandolins / ukuleles
Big Island Ukuleles
We have developed economy models to deliver the Big Island ukuleles to as many people as we can.
You will see the brand new samples at the show.
Of course, we will show you some high-end models as well.
Please check the samples by all means!
Also, we are going to have some live performances at our booth. Enjoy it!
Deluxe HONU XXX Series
High-end Models
(Special solid premium curly koa Ukulele)
Ukulele Spot
We are going to display ukulele kits, ukulele bags, and accessories as well.
You will find various kinds of products related to ukuleles at our booth.
There was an event related to Hawaii in Yokohama at the early of August.
The event is called Ukulele Picnic.
If you go there, you will see ukuleles, hula dance, Hawaiian shop, Hawaiian food, and so on. We had a booth there and showed some Big Island ukuleles, cases, and accessories.
It had been a very hot weather during the two days, but many people visited there and they enjoyed Hawaii!
We are going to have consecutive holidays from September 20th to 23rd.
Regarding your e-mails that are sent during the holidays,
we will reply to the e-mails on or after September 24th.
Sorry for causing you inconvenience.
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or