Dear valued customers,

Summer has come!
We are having a very hot summer now.
The temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius every day.
How is your business related to ukuleles?
If you have not carried GOTOH UPT Planetary Ukulele Tuners yet, please try them by all means!
The UPT tuners have been getting popular year by year.

Have a good summer!


Raw Brass Banjo Tuners
The SPBJ-4 (planetary tuner) is available in raw brass.
The SPBJ-5 (5th peg) has to be produced in X-gold finish,
but the shade of color looks similar.
MOQ : 50 sets for the planetary tuners and 50 pcs for the 5th peg
The SPBJ-4
(Raw Brass)
The SPBJ-5
(X-Gold Finish)
Tailpiece (NOS)
Recently we found a tailpiece in our warehouse.
It is so-called New Old Stock.
The remaining quantity is about 300.
If you are interested in purchasing it,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
Also, if your order is now in process,
we can send a sample with the order at free of charge.
Please note that the quantity of free sample is limited.

Finish : Nickel
Dimension : See the drawing above
Screws included
Made in Japan
Step Drill Bits
These drill bits are not actually new products, but we would like to explain how well the drill bits work.
The strong point is that the drill bits can make a counterbored peghole at one time.
You can save a time and make the ideal peghole accurately.
Please see the pictures below.


We are sorry to inform this,
but we had to change our prices for some products because of the makers’ reasons.
The new prices are applied since August 1st 2015.
In the case that you do not receive a new price list within August,
please alert us via e-mail.
Then we will send the new price list by return soon.
Thank you for your understanding.
We are going to have a summer break from August 12th to 16th.
Regarding your e-mails that are sent during the summer break,
we will reply to the e-mails on or after August 17th.
Sorry for causing you inconvenience.
Hi, It's Shunsuke Ando.
I have formed a Bluegrass band with members of HOSCO and I play the mandolin.
It's called "HOSCO Bluegrass Band".
We are looking for so cool band name.
If you don't mind, please put your ideas.
We have ever performed songs at stage three times.
Repertory of our songs is only three tune.
(Boil Them Cabbage Down, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Soldiers Joy)
I am the 2nd person on the left in this photo.
We want to improve more, so please support us!
Thank you.
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or