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Almost half of the year has already passed.
How is your business so far?
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By the way we will have a rainy season very soon in Japan,
so we are expecting that our MOISS2 will sell more here.

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HOSCO Accessories
HOSCO A.A.A. Fret Shield

Strong Points

① Prevents strings from scratching frets.
② Absorbs the humidity to become 50-60%.
③ Odor eliminating effect.

When you put your fretted instrument into the case,
please use the HOSCO A.A.A. Fret Shield to keep the good condition.

 ● AHM-660 : 6 x 60 cm for guitars / bass guitars  MSRP USD 14.99
 ● AHM-530 : 5 x 30 cm for mandolins / ukuleles  MSRP USD 11.99
This product consists of Polypropylene (surface) and Silica gel type B (inside).
The property of the Silica gel type B is maintaining medium humidity (50-60%).
So if the humidity is high in the case, the Silica gel will absorb the humidity to 50-60%.
On the other hand, if the humidity is low in the case,
the Silica gel will not absorb more humidity.
On the contrary, if the Silica gel is holding some humidity,
it will release the humidity in the case.
Also, the surface material is soft and it prevents the strings from touching the frets when an instrument is in the case.
Installation is very easy!
Just insert the HOSCO A.A.A. Fret Shield between the strings and the fingerboard.
Try it now!
Circular Saw for Fret Slots
Item code : HFCS-100-05
Outer dia. : 100mm
Inner dia. : 32mm
Thickness : 0.5mm
Material : SK steel
Made in Japan
Hosco has started supplying a circular saw for fret slots.
As you know, Japanese-made blades like saws, knives, and files are very popular and good quality.
Our circular saw is also made in Japan.
Please use our circular saw with your machine by all means.
We started with one size, but we will be able to supply different sized circular saws as well.
Any inquiries are welcomed!
Please let us know your sizes and then we will prepare a quote for you soon.
CTS Metric Potentiometers

CTS Metric Potentiometers
           Split shaft, standard

model : CTS-A250MM A250k, Audio taper
model : CTS-B250MM B250k, Linear taper
model : CTS-A500MM A500k, Audio taper
model : CTS-B500MM B500k, Linear taper

The first batch will become available soon.
Please let us explain why the CTS metric pots are needed.
As you know, most of the CTS pots in the musical industry is US size (inch).
People would like to use the same parts as the instrument originally has when they need to replace something.
But we think that some people like the quality of CTS pots even if the CTS pots are not used to their instruments.
There are many instruments used metric parts in the world.
If the players like the quality of CTS pots, they would like to replace the original metric pots to our CTS metric ones.
Pre-orders are welcomed!
Shaped & Slotted Bone Nuts and Saddles
The bone nuts and saddles are supplied stably now.
We look forward to receiving your order!
GE1996T is a double-locking tremolo unit.
As you know, it’s one of the best selling products from GOTOH.
It usually comes with 40mm high brass block, but you can choose 33mm and 36mm as well.
The shorter blocks are suitable to thin guitars.
If you didn’t know this yet, it will help you to dig out new demands in the market.
When you order the GE1996T next time, please consider this.
The show for handcrafted guitars and ukuleles was held in Tokyo from May 23rd to 24th.
It is held in Tokyo in May every year.
HOSCO has our own booth every time and we display our products there, especially our luthier tools at the show.
Mostly, the exhibitors are from Japan, but there are a few ones from abroad.
We hope that the show will grow year by year.
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.

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