Dear valued customers,

The musikmesse 2015 is finished.
According to the early report from Messe Frankfurt, it seems that the total number of exhibitors and the total number of visitors for musikmesse and Prolight + Sound was a little larger than last year.
Exibitor: 2,257
Visitor: 108,000 from 146 countries

Also, the musikmesse 2016 will be changed a lot.
The show had been open to public for two days till now, but all of the four days will be open to public on the next show.
You should give your attention to the change of the show.

We do hope that both of you and we grow together.

Thank you for your continued suppoer.


New GOTOH classical tuners (made of titanium and carbon (left upper)) and engraved 510 machine heads(bottom)
Every visitors liked the lightness of the carbon tuners.
The engraved tuners will be suitable for OEM as well.
New Hygrometer/Thermometer (H-HT60) installed on wooden frame and leather one. (left upper)
We displayed the three kinds of wooden frames, Rosewood, Maple. and Spalted Mango.
Rosewood was the most popular during the show.
Saws, Scrapers, Fret Polishing Rubbers, and so on.
All of them are good selling tools!
Hosco Workmat, and Neck Support.
Some of our customers checked the workmat and they wanted to carry it not only for re-sale but also for their workshop.
Hawaiian company brand
"Big Island Ukulele"
Big Island ukuleles used Hawaiian Koa and Hawaiian Mango.
We had many inquiries from visitors about where they can buy these ukuleles.
Distributors wanted. (except USA and EU)
Our booth was mostly busy during the show.
Thank you very much for visiting us!
New Classical Tuners
We displayed four versions mentioned below.
Every visitor was so surprised at the lightness of the carbon tuners!
Plate: Carbon x String Shaft: Carbon Plate: Carbon x String Shaft: Titanium
Plate: Titanium (A) x String Shaft: Titanium Plate: Titanium (B) x String Shaft: Titanium
VLX53 (5-way) / VLX54 (3-way)
The first batch of our new lever switches has just become available.
These switches have been used to some famous Japanese-made guitars.
Reliable and Durable!
Plastic tip and screws included.
VLX53 (5-way) VLX54 (3-way)
CTS Metric Potentiometers
We will start selling the metric version in a few months.
We were able to make the prices lower, so you can disregard the prices on the 2015 price list.
If you are interested in the CTS metric version, please ask us about the new prices.
Pre-order is welcomed!
Big Island Ukuleles
Many visitors enjoyed playing the show samples.
Most of them were satisfied with the gorgeous looking and the beautiful sound.
If you are interested in carrying the Big Island ukuleles, please contact our ukulele specialist, Ken Kawai anytime!
For product information, please visit the official website.
“Hello, nice to meet you.
My name is Ken Kawai and I was transferred to the international sales department from the domestic sales department in this April.
I will do my best to take care of you and your orders.
It has been about 15 years since I started playing the ukulele.
I have got a technique prize at the third ukulele contest in japan in 2005.
I played the solo performance of "Mozart's Turkish March" then.
You can watch the movie of my performance on the YouTube.
It was arranged by myself.
I needed half a year to arrange this tune.
I would like to wait for all inquiries about the Big Island ukulele,
as the international sales department.
Thank you.”
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail or