Dear valued customers,

Spring has finally come here!
We are having a good time seeing Sakura (cherry blossoms) everywhere in Japan.
It’s worth seeing once.
As you know, the Musikmesse is just around the corner.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for your continued support!


Musikmesse 2015 (Apr. 15-18, 2015)

Booth number: 3.1-G83
We will do have a booth at the upcoming Musikmesse.
In order to grow your business, please find some new items at our booth.
HOSCO Hygrometer / Thermometer
Gotoh New Classical Tuners
Shinex Sanding Sheets
Kovax Finish Repairing Papers
and more...

HOSCO Hygrometer / Thermometer (Item code: H-HT60)
We introduced the H-HT60 at the latest NAMM show.
Then we displayed some wooden frames together, but many visitors had an interest in the prototypes for reference.
The three different options will be released finally.
Here is the detailed information.
Please check the actual samples at the show!

Wooden Frame (HT-60 + Wooden Frame)
Maple, Rosewood, and Spalted Mango will be available.
Leather Frame (HT-60 + Leather Frame)
The material is PVC.
Black and Brown will be available.
Case Mount Kit
The kit will include parts for two ways.
One way is to slide an aluminum bar under the neck support.
Another way is to attach inside the case directly with velcro (fastener tape).
How to mount to wooden hard case.

GOTOH New Classical Tuners
A new classical tuners will be unveiled at the Musikmesse.
The plate of the new classical tuners are made of titanium or carbon fiber.
Please visit our booth to check the samples!
Shinex Sandling Sheets
Item code Grit
SSS-80 #80
SSS-120 #120
SSS-240 #240
SSS-400 #400
SSS-600 #600
SSS-800 #800
SSS-1500 #1500
SSS-3000 #3000
(sold in boxes of 20pcs)
SSS-SET 2 of each grit
Abrasive new type made based on the chemical fiber and non-woven fabric abrasive material.
Its biggest feature is that without too much scraping the material, clean surface finish can be obtained.
In addition, without causing clogging because it is made of fiber entanglement, the height of the durability is attractive.
Kovax Finish Repairing Papers
Most advanced dry sanding system that combines aggressiveness and uniformity.
Good for repairing the finishing.
The strong points are as follows.
Dusts of varied size can be eliminated faster and easier.
Extremely uniform and shallow scratch.
Can be used without a water, so you can repair a defect checking by sight.
One sheet is divided into eight small pieces. (Self-adhesive)
Item code Grit
KFRP1300 #1300
KFRP1500 #1500
KFRP2000 #2000
KFRP2500 #2500
KFRP3000 #3000
Rubber Blocks for KFRP (Kovax Finish Repairing Papers)
Two shapes are available and they are made of hard rubber. Sold as set of 2
KFRP-RBF for flat surface 33 x 27 x 15mm
KFRP-RBC for curved surface 26 x 33 x 20mm
Tele Bridges (Vol.2)
Last month we introduced all of the GOTOH Tele bridges. So we will introduce all of the HOSCO Tele bridges this time.
Saddle: Brass (3pcs, Barrel, Compensated)
Saddle: Brass (3pcs, Barrel, Compensated)
Saddle: Brass (3pcs, Barrel)
Saddle: Brass (3pcs, Threaded)
String spacing: 11.0mm
Saddle: Brass (6pcs, Barrel)
Fits our HK-22, HK-23, T-21, and T-40.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.
This time we will introduce one of our young staffs.
The following is his words.

“Hi, I am Shunsuke Ando and I am in charge of international sales.
I have worked for HOSCO since about a year ago.
I usually check the goods delivered from our suppliers and pack them for our customers.
Most of you don’t know me, so I wanted to introduce myself this time.
Most of you don’t know me, so I wanted to introduce myself this time.
I am 24 years old and I like playing the bass guitar.
I love Heavy Metal very very much!!
Especially Dream Theater, Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Slipknot, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon,
Sonata Arctica etc... (not enough space to write all of them )
Unfortunately, foreign artists sometimes do not have a concert in my city, Nagoya.
But Sonata Arctica is going to have a concert here, so I can’t wait!
I look forward to meeting and talking with you in the future.
Thank you for your time.”
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail or