Dear valued customers,

The NAMM show was over and we can say it was successful.
Many visitors attended the show as same as last year,
in addition, the number of exhibitors might have increased compared with the show of 2014.
Especially, the Hall E, where we had a booth, was almost full mixing regular exhibitors and new ones.

Thank you very much for visiting our booth during the show.
It was good to meet you there.
Next, the Musikmesse is coming soon.
We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!


Here are some photos of the NAMM show for your reference.
Many visitors showed an interest in our new products and we were often asked how the new tools worked.
These are what we had much good reputation during the show.
GOTOH SG510 Luxury mode
Gotoh has announced a new option for SGS510Z, SGL510Z, and SGL510Z.
The new option is engraved aluminum buttons and engraved gear covers.
Chrome and Gold are available at the moment.
Please choose the one that really works!
You can order the Luxury mode now, but the delivery will be done in or after April.
If you are interested in having your original shaped buttons engraved your own pattern,
we can do that. (MOQ: 30 sets)
HOSCO Hygrometer / Thermometer
This is made in Japan and very accurate.
Tolerance: +-3%
Don’t use inferior ones like imitation any more.
Please choose the one that really works!
Moreover, we are now preparing a nice looking wooden frame.
Try the Hygrometer / Thermometer with the beautiful frame!
Please note that an OEM production is available. (MOQ: 500 pcs)
If you are interested in putting your logo on the dial, please feel free to contact us.
  The wooden frame is prototype.
VLX Lever Switches
These have been used to some famous Japanese-made guitars.
The switches are made in Japan, so they are high quality and very durable.
Unfortunately, our new catalog for 2015 doesn’t have any information about the switches,
so please ask us for further information and the prices.

VLX54: 3-way
VLX53: 5-way

*A plastic tip included
Hi, I’m Hiroshi Isomura and I’m in charge of international sales.
Some of you might know me and have met at the past trade shows.
I think that most of the people in this musical instrument industry love music.
Of course, so do I. :-)
What is your favorite music? Who is your favorite artist?
For me, I like rock music specially like Linkin Park, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, The libertines, The Strokes, Sugarcult, Two Door Cinema Club, and do on... (not enough space to write all of them!)
Also, I have gone to a music festival which is called “Summer Sonic” several times.
You will be surprised at the gorgeous artists who played at the Summer Sonic!
When you find me somewhere, please feel free to talk to me!
Let’s talk about music together!

Musikmesse (Apr. 15-18, 2015)
Booth number: 3.1-G83
We will do have a booth at the upcoming Musikmesse in spite of the hard times in Europe!
In order to grow your business, please find some new items at our booth.

Advanced appointment for meeting is welcomed anytime!

Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail or