Dear valued customers,

2014 will be almost over.
We hope that this year was successful for you.
Now we are preparing for 2015.
We look forward to seeing you at NAMM or Musikmesse soon!

Thank you for your continued support.


Kluson type tuners with MG-T (Magnum Lock–Trad)
The demand for MG-T has been increasing more and more.
It makes sense.
Easy to lock the strings!
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C.A.R.D. (Accessory for Gotoh SD series tuners)
What’s C.A.R.D.?

C – Carbon Fiber
A – Align Center
R – Resonant
D – Defend

The main function is a centering guide molded into the base that insures correct string post positioning in relation to the tuner bushing.
Moreover, the high-density CARD material transfers string vibration to the instrument headstock more efficiently, improving sustain nad harmonics.
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Relic parts for LP and TC
We have got many good reputation since the relic parts for ST was released.
Many customers would like the relic parts for LP and TC.
Now Gotoh is ready to produce them!
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Factory tour (GOTOH)
We visited Gotoh at the middle of November.
They are very organized and have been doing their best to keep a good quality.
Here are some photos for your reference.
The automated warehouse were great!

Calking machine

CNC for engraving on plate of classic tuners

This machine is used for fixing worms onto the plate of classical tuners. If you would like, you can order your classical tuners engraved your original patterns.

Machine for gears of machine heads

Machine for worms of machine heads

CNC for shaping and engraving
aluminum buttons

Aluminum buttons

If you would like, you can order your machine heads installed your original shaped buttons.
The original shape must be within the width and the thickness of the raw aluminum bars.
You can see the raw aluminum bars on the right side of the photo.
Also, this machine can do shaping and engraving at the same time.

Automated warehouse

About 15,000 articles of component parts are managed by computer.
When an instruction is entered, an automatic cart picks the indicated parts correctly and quickly.

Notice for discontinued items
We are afraid that we can not supply acrylic tortoise pickguard materials any longer by the factory’s reasons.
The black version is still available.

ATPGT-S   Archtop Pickguard, Tortoise, Small
ATPGT-L   Archtop Pickguard, Tortoise, Large
T-1A   Mandolin Pickguard, Tortoise, A model
T-2F   Mandolin Pickguard, Tortoise, F model
NAMM 2015 (Jan. 22 – 25, 2015)
The NAMM is approaching.
We will have our booth as usual and the booth number is #1608 (Hall E).
We look forward to seeing you there.
If you already know your schedule, we recommend that you make an appointment with us for a meeting beforehand.
Thank you for reading through the Hosco News.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail or