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The Music China 2014 ended successfully.
We will introduce some new items that we displayed at the show.
Next, the winter NAMM is approaching.
We look forward to seeing you there!
By the way it’s getting colder here day by day, so we have to prepare for winter.
A cold breaks out at the change of season.
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Report for Music China 2014
The Music China 2014 was held from Oct. 8th to 11th in Shanghai.
According to the information on the official website, 1,775 music product suppliers from 29 countries exhibited at the show this year.
Hosco had a booth as usual and displayed GOTOH, HOSCO parts, and HOSCO tools.
This time we displayed Japanese-made electric guitar kits.
The concept is “If you make the electric guitar kit with our Japanese-made parts by yourself, you will have your own guitar with similar specifications as commercially Japanese-made electric guitar has.
Moreover, the costs will be less expensive.
There are some options for finished bodies, finished necks, and hardware like tremolo units or bridges.
Some of our customers and visitors liked the concept very much.
Eventually, the options will be limited, but we are going to proceed with this project to produce the electric guitar kits on a commercial basis.
Also, our booth had been bustling with many Chinese visitors who would like to purchase our Japanese-made luthier tools.
“HOSCO” has been getting more popular in China year by year.
The following items were displayed at the show as reference exhibit.
Sandling Sheets (will be released in 2015)
Item code Grit
SSS-80 #80
SSS-120 #120
SSS-240 #240
SSS-400 #400
SSS-600 #600
SSS-800 #800
SSS-1500 #1500
SSS-3000 #3000
(sold in boxes of 20pcs)
SSS-SET 2 of each grit
Abrasive new type made based on the chemical fiber and non-woven fabric abrasive material.
Its biggest feature is that without too much scraping the material, clean surface finish can be obtained.
In addition, without causing clogging because it is made of fiber entanglement, the height of the durability is attractive.
HOSCO Apron (will be released in 2015)
Item code H-AP1 During the Shanghai show, the HOSCO apron was very popular and some samples were sold out so quickly!
Material It is made of 14 oz. canvas and the weight is approx. 360 g.
HOSCO Workbench Mat (will be released in 2015)
Item code H-LWH1
Size 120 cm x 50 cm (plus 6 cm wide extra part for protector)
Magnets are put on the inside of both edges, so you can keep small parts like screws in a safe place.
You can roll up the workbench mat.
When you open it out again, you might see some wrinkles, but the wrinkles will be disappeared after a while.
The product on the photo is still a prototype, so a few modifications might be done.
Suzuki Mandolins
Recently, it seems that the Suzuki mandolins have been especially popular in Europe.
Japanese yen is weak,so the currency exchange rate might help the Europen buyers to purchase Japanese-made products like the Suzuki mandolins.
We can offer the Suzuki mandolins to you with excellent services.
For further information, please click here.
New model
Popular model
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