Dear valued customers,

Have you finished some preparation for Christmas sales?
If not, please feel free to talk to us!
As you know, we handle not only various kinds of parts and tools, but also some accessories like cases and wiping cloths.
Also, Japanese yen has been getting weaker, so we believe that it’s a good timing for you to import something from Japan.

Lastly, we are enjoying Autumn and it’s a very comfortable season here now.

Thank you for your continued support!


Music China 2014 (Oct. 8 – Oct. 11)

The Shanghai show will be held next week!!!
If you attend the show, please feel free to visit us.
Our booth is W2A38.
If you would like to make an appointment for a meeting,
please reply to this e-mail or send an e-mail to


Special Offer for Trial

For our customers who have not tried the following items yet,
please don’t miss this good opportunity!

TL-FFD600 ( 3 in 1 Diamond Fret Crowning File )

Three different radiuses: for small, medium, and jumbo
Grit of Diamond: #600
Please buy 10 pcs and get a special price!

#600 Diamond Fret Crowning File

Lahaina Ukulele Cases

If you are looking for something different from the others, this unique rattan cases will suit you.
Only Natural and Brown had been supplied for international market orginally.
Blue,Green,Orange,and Pink are now available officially.
For more information, please go to
Please buy 10 pcs and get a special price!
(You can order the cases mixing the colors and sizes.)

Size : for Soprano and Concert
Colors : Natural,Brown,Blue,Green,Orange, and Pink

       Natural                 Brown                 Blue

       Orange                 Green                 Pink

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